HEROESCON :: Rob Liefeld Joins Guest List!

March 12, 2010 at 4:49 pm By:

Oh wow.

This summer, one of the biggest names in comics will be appearing at HeroesCon 2010Rob Liefeld! From hot X-artist to Image co-founder to Internet comics-community darling/firebrand, Rob’s done pretty much everything in his career in comics. His credits are sort of insane, with X-Force, Youngblood, New Mutants, Cable, and the upcoming Prelude to Deadpool Corps just the tip of the iceberg. His art style is much discussed online, and whether you’re a fan or a not-fan, pretty much everyone who’s ever met Rob personally will agree that he’s one of the most affable, friendly guys in comics, not to mention hard-working.

Good thing too–he’s sure to have some wicked long lines, which we’re already figuring out how to handle. Most likely similar to how we handled the Bendis/Brubaker/Fraction/Claremont lines last year.

And get this–remember how last week I was talking about a “big announcement” for this week? Believe it or not this wasn’t it–Shelton sprung this one on me yesterday in a staff meeting. But we were so excited about it we decided to go ahead and announce it today, while we double-dot our i’s and triple-cross our t’s for the other big announcement. Next week yo!


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