HEROESCON :: Brian Pulido, Chris Roberson, Eric Layton Join List

March 23, 2010 at 2:46 pm By:

We’re kicking off about 1,000,000 guests we have lined up to announce this week with two old buds and one new bud. First off is Brian Pulido, the energetic co-creator of Lady Death, Evil Ernie, and tons more characters, as well as the founder of Chaos! Comics! Brian doesn’t limit his scope to just writing comics though–he also wrote and directed the feature film “The Graves,” has earned the Defender of Liberty Award from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, and is on the Hero Initiative‘s fundraising board. Look for his upcoming Lady Death ongoing, coming this fall.

Also new this week is our chum Eric Layton, who is moving across the aisle this year from his old digs in North Carolina’s Tsunami Studios to Georgia’s Jolly Roger Studios. His credits include Dean Koontz’ Fear Nothing, Ex Machina, and Hexxen Hammers.

And joining the HeroesCon Guest List for the first time is Chris Roberson, who has written a bajillion novels, but might be more recognizable to comics fans for his recent comics writing on titles like Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love, iZombie, Jack of Fables, and more! He’ll be set up with Bill Willingham and Chrissie Zullo in Artists Alley, so it’ll be one-stop shopping for Fables fans!

Okay! That’s just Tuesday–pretty sure we’ll be adding names every day of the week this week, so buckle up!


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