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Steve Niles is one of the hardest working men in comics! He has been touring all over to promote his newest book Mystery Society. If you haven’t picked up a copy of issue #1 you should do yourself a favor and give it a read. Better yet, stop by the store this Thursday and meet Steve. He will be here from noon to 2 pm signing books and hanging out. He is a super sweet guy and if you have the chance you should definitley stop by and chat with him!

Steve is most known for his work on 30 Days of Night, which was recently made into a major motion picture. But you may also know him from Simon Dark, The Creeper, Criminal Macabre, Ghoul, Dead She Said or City of Dust. Stop by Thursday and save yourself some time by getting some of your comics signed a day early. Get your copy of 30 Days of Night TP signed and then get it signed by Ben Templesmith at HeroesCon! Or get your copy of Ghoul #3 signed so you can get it signed by Bernie Wrightson at HeroesCon!

But wait! There’s more! Check out the previous blog post for video of Shelton and Steve on WBTV!


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