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In which Shawn looks at the New Releases and lets you know which books she is most excited about!

1) Serenity Float Out One-Shot

Patton Oswalt and Patric Reynolds bring us  this one-shot that focuses on Wash. It has an “oh snap” ending.

2) Red Hood The Lost Days #1

This is the first issue of a six part mini-series explaining the origin of the Red Hood. It has an awesome cover by Billy Tucci.

3) Heralds #1

Chicks fightin’. ‘Nuff said.

4) Jokers Asylum II The Riddler #1

This is the first of five one-shots spotlighting Gotham villians. I dig the art and the story looks like fun!

5) Avengers Prime #1

Alan Davis and Mark Farmer! Well you can sign me up! Thor, Iron Man and Steve Rogers attempt to mend fences after the events in Siege in this eight part mini-series.


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