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We promised you several huge HeroesCon 2011 Guest List additions as we transition into 2011 and we are here to deliver! It is hard to believe that HeroesCon is just around the corner. We’ve got even more surprises for you coming up so stay tuned!

Scott Beaderstadt is probably best known for his work on Troll Lords, which he plans on re-launching with the three-issue mini-series Death: My Life and Love. You may also know him from The Mummy or Archie: Superteens. You can become a fan of Troll Lords on Facebook!

Jacob Chabot is the writer/artist on The Mighty Skullboy Army. He also did the art for the adorable comic X-Babies. Recently he has worked on several books for Marvel like Spider-Ham 25th Anniversary Special #1, Deadpool #1000 and I Am an Avenger #2.

SL Gallant is currently the artist on GI Joe: Real American Hero which is written by Larry Hama. Issue #162 was just released this week! It is published through IDW but continues where the classic Marvel run left off. Gallant has also worked on other popular GI Joe titles like GI Joe: Origins and GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

Chris Giarrusso burst onto the scene with his highly entertaining and enormously popular Mini-Marvels. When Mini-Marvels TP vol 1 Rock, Paper, Scissors came out we had a hard time keeping it in stock because it was flying off the shelves! Most recently Giarrusso worked on G-Man: Cape Crisis which was a witty and fun-filled all-ages book. He is an incredibly talented writer and artist and you should definitely track him down at the show!

Gregg Schigiel is the writer of the aforementioned adorable comic X-Babies. He is currently working on SpongeBob Comics which will debut in February. He is also working on Pix: Teenage American Fairy which can be viewed here. You can also check out his extremely funny Stick Figure Night Live comics which summarize Saturday Night Live in stick-figure form.

David Williams has recently done interiors and covers for a number of Marvel’s all-ages books such as Wolverine: First Class, Uncanny X-Men First Class and Hulk and Power Pack. You may recognize him from his cover runs on Incredible Hercules or GI Joe.

Thom Zahler is best known for his creator-owned book Love and Capes which just got picked up by IDW. Be on the look out for Love and Capes: Ever After #1 this February! Back in October for 24-Hour Comic Day Zahler set up a studio in the Great Lakes Mall and created a comic live. You can check out Robot 6‘s coverage of his process or read about his experience on his blog!


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