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The Heroes Discussion Group has become a fixture of both the store and HeroesCon in recent years. Following a good showing at the group meetings at this year’s con, fearless leader Andy Mansell and I convened to think about some of the great books we’ve yet to discuss. After some planning, we’ve picked what we think are some books that will spark lively conversation and insightful analysis. Here’s Andy himself to let you know what we’re planning for the next several months!  – Seth
Plan to join us at 1:00pm on Saturday August 13th when the Heroes Discussion Group will host its 33rd (!) meeting and the topic is a biggie: V for Vendetta.


In the post 9/11 world, what is more important freedom or safety?  Imagine how your attitude could change as you get older and have children? V for Vendetta tackles all of these tough concepts and does it in an extremely entertaining and exciting way. How does the Reagan/Thatcher era play out to today’s reading audiences? But let’s put politics aside (good luck with that) and just focus on the comic itself.  Writer Alan Moore and artist David Lloyd are both at the top of their game and it is up to us to examine this masterpiece of comic art.


As usual we will meet in the store and repair across the street for either bakery goods or pub fair.  Judging by the heft of this book, I’m betting we end in the saloon. V for Vendetta is available from Heroes and as usual, the 10% Discussion discount is available, just remember to mention it to the clerk as you check out! England prevails!


But what about the upcoming months you ask?

  • OK, for September (watch this space for scheduled dates and times) — we will sit down to discuss Dan Clowes’ fabulous coming-of-age graphic novel Ghost World. After we’ve dissected the book, we will re-group in the store and watch the movie adaptation.  We did this once before a few years ago for Persepolis and it resulted in one of our best discussions.
  • For Halloween (watch this space for scheduled dates and times), how about we return to Neil Gaiman’s Sandman? It’s been over three years (!) since we discussed Volume 3: Seasons of the Mist.  For a long over-due encore, we will tackle the short-story cycle Endless NightsEndless Nights is an exciting anthology filled with fantastic art and it will enable first time readers to dive into the Sandman Library without encountering too many spoilers.
  • For November (watch this space for scheduled dates and times), we plan to explore the talented world of Jaime Hernandez with Love and Rockets: The Girl from H.O.P.P.E.R.S. We will focus on the Death of Speedy story arc, but we will also examine the rest of the stories in this volume.  For those of you who are fans of Love and Rockets you will agree this is the ideal collection and for those who have not yet entered the world of the Brothers Hernandez, this is the perfect place to dive in.  You will not be disappointed.East L.A. prevails!
  • And in December (watch this space for scheduled dates and times) — we Discussioneers deserve a real holiday treat.  Howzabout a (nearly) main stream Super hero book written by Warren Ellis and drawn by John Cassaday?  That’s right… we are going to sit down and discuss all four volumes of Planetary!

We look forward to seeing you.  If you’ve never been to one of the discussions, please consider joining us.  If you come, there is no pressure to participate.  All we ask is that you read the assigned book (and once in a while, see the assigned movie) before the meeting and as always bring an open mind.


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