Free Comic Book Day = Try Something New!!!!

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Ah Free Comic Book Day—not just a day of avarice, it is also a day of trying new things and taking advantage of Shelton and Shelley Drum’s good nature and keen merchant instincts.

So what’s my point?  Beats me, but if you are still reading you will know that there are dozens of books on the shelf just begging to be read.  This is the time to take advantage of deep discounts and give some books a whirl…

Outside of our protected 4-color world, are you a fan of History? Horror Movies?  Classic Comedy?  Of course you are and FCBD is a day made just for you.

If you are like me (and if so, medication helps—I swear!) you catch yourself engrossed in programs on The Military Channel, The Science Channel, The Travel Channel and History International.  Well sir (or madam), there are a number of terrific graphic novels sitting on the IKEA Billy brand[TM]  shelves in the back right hand corner of the store.  Head over there—go on–I’ll wait.  OK, now take a look at any book by Joe SaccoPalestine, Safe Haven Gorazde or Footprints from Gaza.  All are award winning and are gripping fusions of comics and journalism.

For a more intimate take on world travel try any one of Guy Delisle’s excellent travelogues:  Shenzhen (China), Pyongyang (North Korea), the Burma Chronicles and the most recent Jerusalem.   Any of these books can be read on its own and I promise they are all worth your time and money.

Horror fans stand tall and rejoice —remember there is more to life than young brooding hunkish vampires.  Try any graphic novel collection of John Constantine: Hellblazer.  They are self-contained, really entertaining and above all as scary as the back of the crisper in my refrigerator.  Try any of the collections written by comic heavy-hitters like Jamie Delano, Garth Ennis, Warren Ellis or Brian Azzarello.  My absolute favorites are The Fear Machine, Rare Cuts, Dangerous Habits, Haunted and Hard Time.

And don’t forget Hellboy/BPRD.  It is first and foremost a horror series. If you have not tried these titles, you need to get in there and start reading—you won’t stop at one.  Hellboy creator Mike Mignola is as good as you’ve heard.  For recommendations, why not ask Heroes own Seth and Phil—they will guide you well my son (or my daughter)

So now we’ve got you geographically informed and scared out of your wits– what about something funny—I mean really funny– to cleanse the old palette?   Earlier this year, I recommended Snarked by Roger Langridge and Sergio Aragones Funnies—those suggestions still stand– but let me also offer up any collection of Aragones masterwork, Groo, any volume of Little Lulu by John Stanley and above all else, Carl Bark’s Donald Duck—Lost in the Andes or The Barks Bear Book. We had a great discussion about Barks last week and I cannot recommend these comics more.  The Duck man’s life work improves with age.

So remember—FCBD is really an acronym for Try Something New—Something Different!

Heroes prides itself on the variety they offer at any given time.  Take advantage of the sale prices– You will be surprised and delighted by what you uncover.



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