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seth_staff_picksSETH’S PICK :: THE MERCENARY SEA #1: The past few years have been a new golden age of sorts if you happen to be a fan of classic adventure and pulp comics.  We’ve seen the return of The Rocketeer alongside quality new series like Half Past Danger and Black Beetle.  Image gets in on the fun this week with a new adventure series of their own called The Mercenary Sea.  Set in the late ’30s, the series focuses on a ragtag group of mercenaries working odd jobs around the South Seas in a U-boat stolen by their captain.  Against the backdrop of impending war, the series promises everything from spies and pirates, to old fashioned war elements.  Though I’m not all that familiar with the previous works of creators Kel Symons and Matthew Reynolds, the previews I’ve seen of this new book suggest it’s a book well worth your investment this week.

Bonus Pick of the Week:  Lobster Johnson: Satan Smells a Rat TPB.  This latest collection starring Mike Mignola’s pulp wonder features art contributions from the likes of Kevin Nowlan, Wilfredo Torres, and Tonci Zonjic.  Aside from being yet another reliably good story of pulpy goodness that we’ve come to expect from these creators, this is a rare book where the title alone (“Satan Smells a Rat”) is enough to warrant a look. TheMercenarySea_01-1


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