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staff_picks andy_staff_picksANDY’S PICK :: AIRBOY OMNIBUS VOLUME 1: Back in the late eighties when I was buying 40 to 50 floppies per month, one title surprisingly leapt to the top of my new comics pile every time a new issue was released.  And that was Eclipse Publishing’s update of the Golden Age aviator classic Airboy.  I bought the first issue (published on a bold Bi-weekly schedule) because I was sure Airboy #1– along with every other premiere issue that came out– would one day make me independently wealthy (sigh) But from that first issue on, with a fast paced exciting story by Chuck Dixon and incredible art by Tim Truman, Stan Woch, Tom Yeates and  inker Willie Blyberg, I was hooked.  I read it faithfully all the way to the last issue and was sorry to see Airboy (and the rest of Eclipse) disappear over that last horizon. But now it’s back! This hefty edition– 308 color pages for only 29.95! collects Airboy #1-16–including the terrific Skywolf back-up series that begins in issue 9.  BTW–Skywolf is the Man!airboy


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