HEROESCON 2018: Costume Contest and Class Photo!

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Costume Contest for web

HeroesCon 2018 Costume Contest
Sunday, June 17: 11am-2pm

Show us what you got!!

Save time (and our staff’s eyes!) by registering for the cosplay contest in advance! You’ll still need to check in with us to get your competition number, but you won’t have to fill anything else out!

HC 2018 Cosplay Contest Pre-Registration Form



** Master (18 and up)
The Master category is intended for skilled cosplayers with cosplay experience, recognition and/or awards. Professional actors and actresses or groups who perform outside the convention circuit are required to compete at this level.


  • Professional costumers, seamstresses or people who take commissions for creating costumes, props or other clothing are required to compete at this level for Construction.
  •  Anyone who has won awards as a Novice
  •  An individual who has achieved “Master” status at any other major convention, or
  • Anyone who chooses to compete in this division may do so.

** Novice (18 and up)
The Novice category is intended for people with virtually no cosplay experience or cosplayers with little to no prior experience on stage/making costumes.


  • Anyone who has never won an award in a cosplay competition (other than as a Youth) at any convention.
  • First-time performers / cosplayers fit here.

** Teens (11-17)

Between 11 and 17 on the day of the competition.

** Kids (10 and under)

10 and under on the day of competition. Parents may accompany their children if desired.

HeroesCon 2018 Cosplay “Class Photo”
Saturday, June 16: 1pm-2pm
Join us for the Annual HeroesCon Cosplay “Class Photo” on the Costume Stage in Hall C of the Main Convention Floor at 1:00 PM on Saturday, June the 16th!
As with past years, we’ll be breaking into themed groups in order to fit everyone on the stage, so pay attention to know what group you are in!

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