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February 02, 2009 By: Dustin Harbin Category: Slice of Life

Yo Yo Yo! Now in the store are some fresh FREE sneak preview passes to the upcoming film “Push.” Each pass is good for two people, but you’d better show up early, because seating is limited. The showing is for Wednesday February 4 at 7.30 pm.

And for those of you who love to LAUGH, we have a very few passes for “The Pink Panther 2,” showing tomorrow night at 7.30pm.


TONIGHT :: Benji Hughes on Jimmy Kimmel Live

January 30, 2009 By: Dustin Harbin Category: Other Events, Slice of Life

In our continuing efforts to keep our readers aware of how many famous people we know, I wanted to point out that our chum Benji Hughes is going to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight, cold kickin it! If you haven’t heard of Benji before, he’s a Charlotte fixture, and recently his debut double album has gotten reviewed all over the place, including a four-star review in Rolling Stone. More important than that? MY opinion: this album is super great and will be your favorite album to listen to in your car for at least a couple of months, guaranteed.

Check your local listings, yo!


BRUCE HAZEL AND SOME VOLUNTEERS :: Love Comics, Are Our Friends, Need Your Vote!

December 04, 2008 By: Phil Southern Category: Other Events, Slice of Life

I wanted to disturb you fine folks for a few minutes today, and plead for your assistance. I would like you to vote for my friend Bruce Hazel & Some Volunteers! Take a minute on the “my space” and give his stuff a listen!

Bruce Hazel and the band are one of 13 semi-finalist in an international search for the “Best Unsigned Band” by Genya Ravan, Little Steven Van Zandt from the E Street Band and Wicked Cool Records. The last round of voting continues through Friday, December 12th, via Genya Ravan’s Sirius Satellite program “Goldie’s Garage“. Find out more by checking out Bruce’s website at Wheeler St. Music

Just click on this link to register, and then follow the directions to VOTE. You do have to register at the site to vote online. And just to prove their bona fides, I totally asked them to tell you, the Heroesonline fan, about their favorite comics. I did not just make these pull quotes while I was at work.

Brent Bagwell:
Justice Society of America

Brent is a horn player extraordinaire. He plays all styles, whether it is free form jazz in the NYC-based “eASTERN sEABOARD”, or the improv stylings of the expansive “Project Bluebird”, or the straight up honky-funk in the Volunteers. And he just can’t get enough of the new JSA. He’s a fan of all of Geoff John’s recent yarns, up to and including Green Lantern, but Hawkman and the other ’40s characters grab a firm hold of his imagination. He will totally corner you and go on and on about it (and I love it!)

Karla Marsh:
To Terra, by Keiko Takemiya

The complete three volumes tell the story of one of those “manga futures”, wherein a race of telepathics called “Mu” are on the run from the humans who want to destroy them. Staying hidden and attempting to rescue as many Mu children as possible before they are eliminated, the Mu have only one desire: to return home. Heartbreaking and delicious.

Bruce Hazel:
Omega The Unknown

Bruce Hazel loves him some Jonathan Lethem, author of such notable novels as my favorite, Motherless Brooklyn, to Bruce’s preferred Fortress of Solitude. Lethem’s obvious love of comics is on display in his and Farel Dalrymple’s collection of the ten issue series. Based on the ’70s character created by Steve Gerber, Lethem explores areas of the search for identity, struggles for power and developing an understanding of who we are and what we are capable of.

Shawn Lynch:
E.C. Segars’s Popeye, from Fantagraphics

Shawn, beloved guitarist for the Volunteers, plus member in good standing of Lou Ford, plus 1/9th of the band Buschovski (who happen to have a show at The Neighborhood Theatre on December 20th, along with the release of their “Compact Disk”) likes the Fantagraphics “Popeye” collections. Originally a strip called “Thimble Theatre”, Popeye went from being a one-note incidental player to international superstar. Read these and see why.

Chad Wilson:
Dark Horse Star Wars comics

Chad goes on and on and on about Star Wars, and the Sith and the what not. In his defense, he only likes “real” Star Wars, and not the recent knock-offs. however, he quite enjoys The Knights of the Old Republic series from Dark Horse. He has good taste, so I’ll defer to him. He also liked Alan Moore’s From Hell.

Plus, you can come see some of the Volunteers this very weekend as Shawn Lynch and Mark Lynch play, along with the rest of Lou Ford, Friday night at Snug Harbor! If you like that, come back to Snug Harbor on Saturday to see Mark again, when he plays with The Trouble Walkers. Caution: The show will have B-A-D words.


SLICE OF LIFE :: Iron Man Movie = Awesome

April 11, 2008 By: Shelton Drum Category: Reviews, Slice of Life

I’ve been disappointed by most of the comic book movies. For the most part they have been enjoyable, but never live up to my expectations for story content, characterization, and honor to the source material. If a producer wants to do a superhero story, why not make it as close to the comic as possible? I was blessed this week with an opportunity to see Iron Man and I can emphatically say… Finally, someone has nailed it!

Iron Man is as close to perfect as a superhero movie has been. The origin is right. It is properly paced to give it time to develop. The motivations are correct. The casting is incredible. The sets are cool as they can be. The Iron Man tech is so believable! Subplots, characterizations and motivations are all right on target. There is real drama, lots of suspense and tons of humor, just like all good Marvel comics I fell in love with. I don’t want to give anything away, but just know that the trailer doesn’t do it justice. There is cool stuff going on all the way through. Anybody off the street (I call them “civilians”) will enjoy this movie, but there are plenty of comic book references and homage to satisfy all of us “vets.”

I can’t say enough good things about this movie. Everyone, please go see it Friday, May 2nd and we can all discuss how cool is at Free Comic Book Day (shameless plug for our annual party extraordinaire) on Saturday May 3rd. I’m so excited!


SLICE OF LIFE :: 5th Annual Fool’s Brigade This Friday!

April 01, 2008 By: Phil Southern Category: Other Events, Slice of Life

I wanted to take a minute to pester everybody:

For the past five years my pal Bruce has been putting on a concert to benefit a local charity, called The Fool’s Brigade Annual Benefit. This year it is “Loving the Alien-A Night of David Bowie”, and is coming up on Friday, April 4th, 2008 to benefit the Metrolina AIDS Project (MAP). The show will be held at The Visulite Theatre, with doors opening at 8pm, and admission is $10. A veritable legion of musicians from 18 Charlotte bands will be playing the songs of David Bowie to benefit MAP, with a selection of over 40 songs to be performed.

Performances can be expected from: Benji Hughes, Buschovski, The Houstons, Snagglepuss, BabyShaker, Bullship, The Virginia Reel, Raised By Wolves, La Chocha Loca, Nitehawk, Trouble Walkers, The Adulterers, The Situationals, Dylan Gilbert, Cockpit, Shane Elks, Josh Burch, Bruce Hazel and some surprise guests! Last year’s “Kinks” show was the best ever, and, judging by what I’ve heard thus far, it will be surpassed pretty handily.

Come out and support a worthy cause; besides, where else are you going to hear five hours of music, much less good music, for the measly price of ten bucks? You’ll be supporting a good cause and actually get something in return: the joy of song! We’ll see you Friday! For more info check out and!

Thus ends the pestering!


OUR BUDDIES | J. Chris Campbell Courts Eisner For "Excellence In Fatherhood"

March 04, 2008 By: Dustin Harbin Category: Comics Industry, Slice of Life

I don’t know how newsworthy this is, but our friend J. Chris Campbell, yearly guest at HeroesCon and recent guest at our Charlotte MiniCon, did this really cool thing recently. He’s a pretty prolific cartoonist, but despite having a potty-mouth, is really big on getting kids into comics, and just being great with kids.

Case in point: check out this post on his blog, where he went to his son’s class and gave a little speech on how to draw robots. That’s pretty cool, and it’s easy to imagine a sweet guy like J. Chris doing it really well. But the part I thought was coolest was when he talks about drawing on his son’s lunch bag every day, and the other kids being interested in what new robot would be there. Man, wouldn’t you love to have that memory years later? Nice work, JCC!


FELICITATIONS :: Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Today

January 21, 2008 By: Dustin Harbin Category: Slice of Life

Man, can you imagine what it would be like if the people we saw on the news each night were this smart, this well-spoken, this tough? And something like 35 years old–not 70 or 80 like most of our current talking heads. Which, coincidentally, is the same age as Phil (35, not 70). Who is, at least, tough.

Anyway, Happy MLK Day! Let’s hope Phil can live up to the legacy.


ON THE RADIO :: Persepolis Author Marjane Satrapi!

January 17, 2008 By: Dustin Harbin Category: Comics Industry, Heroes Aren't Hard To Find, Slice of Life

That’s correct! Today Ms Satrapi was on NPR’s Here & Now, discussing the new animated adaptation of her stupendously acclaimed graphic novel Persepolis. I know it just won some serious award(s) at the Cannes Film Festival–it’s a French movie, although I believe it has either just been or is just about to be released in this country. It is not a coincidence that we have stocked up on these, as we fully expect the few of you who haven’t already read it to buy it now that everyone’s talking about it. Who had it all along? That’s right–us again. Anyway, you can click here to listen to the interview, or if that doesn’t work just go to the Here & Now site and listen to it there!


SLICE OF LIFE :: Hickry Hawkins At Neighborhood Theatre Tonight!

January 11, 2008 By: Heroes Online Category: Other Events, Slice of Life

I was reading Creative Loafing at lunch today when lo I saw a story about one of our regulars, the incomparable Hick’ry Hawkins, our very own rockabilly star. His music is hard to categorize. I call it rockabilly but it has rock, blues and honky tonk influences.

The article is filled with his wit and charm and lots of interesting fun-filled facts about him. You can check it out online here.

He is playing at the Neighborhood Theatre this Friday, January 11 as part of the Honky Tonk Revival. The show starts at 8:30 pm and tickets are $8. So if you haven’t seen him perform here is your chance. I saw him at the Evening Muse several months back and had a good ole time.


CHECK IT :: Richard Thompson’s "Cul De Sac" Premieres In Charlotte Observer

January 06, 2008 By: Dustin Harbin Category: Heroes Aren't Hard To Find, Slice of Life

Oh yes! As we announced last month, HeroesCon guest Richard Thompson‘s strip Cul de Sac is premiering in our local paper, the Charlotte Observer. In fact, it premiered today, I believe–I usually read it online (shhh!), but Shawn and Shelton both love the feel of newsprint on their fingers, and they read it today. As a daily reader and LOVER of this strip, this might not be the best place to start new readers off, but trust me, once you get down with the rhythm you’ll be hooked. And remember, if you like it, let the Observer know! From what Richard tells me, this is a test run, and if they don’t get enough reaction they may pull it in favor of more Garfield or something. These Observer guys are tough–why, they don’t even run Gasoline Alley, the nation’s oldest continually running strip, and its artist (Jim Scancarelli, our buddy) lives and works right here in Charlotte! I’m just saying be vocal, but be careful, too. And enjoy Cul de Sac!