April 28, 2014 By: Rico Renzi Category: DISCUSS, Staff Picks

staff_picks matt_staff_picksMATT’S PICK :: CLEOPATRA IN SPACE:¬†Hey kids (and adults with distinguished tastes) there is a new book coming out this week that I want to tell you about! Its called Cleopatra In Space Volume One. It contains some of the most dynamic and appealing artwork you will find in any book this week (two aesthetics that I look for in a comic book or graphic fiction). The narrative part of this book is pretty awesome as well! Ancient Egypt meets outerspace, genius!

The story¬†pacing and page layouts in this book are phenomenal. Mike Maihack’s¬†character designs are jaunty and kinetic. His sequential¬†work is reminiscent of high quality storyboard illustrations¬†for animation and film.¬†Shoot, for all I know, he may already be a storyboard artist for animation and film! I like to think¬†(and have been told on occasion) that I have an¬†eye for good¬†art and aesthetics. This book contains exceptional art that is very¬†aesthetically pleasing.¬†Beautiful, immersive worlds with¬†awesome mech¬†and spaceships await¬†your eyes!
This is a frolicking, swashbuckling roller coaster of a book! Female historical figure meets Flash Gordon, modernized. Or, if you prefer, Adventure Time as realized through the eyes of a butt-kicking, snarky, alien-world-visiting¬†Disney Princess! Buy this book for your kids¬†(and read it yourself)¬†you’ll see what I’m talking about. It is obvious¬†Mike has put a lot of time and passion¬†into creating this story.

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