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Heroes Convention is not only one of the most recognizable names on the comics convention circuit, but has a well-deserved reputation as a convention that puts comics first, meaning aisles packed with fans looking for new comics and comic-related merchandise to check out. Our 2016 HeroesCon will be one of our biggest yet, and booth space is fully expected to sell out well in advance of the show. No space is reserved without payment in full: act now to reserve your space!



Includes 6' table, 2 chairs, and 2 passes. Great for a solo venture or a two-person team.

FOR ADDITIONAL SEATS above the allotment you receive with your purchased space(s), the cost is $50 per additional seat, up to a maximum of 1 additional person per Artists Alley Table. No exceptions--we want everyone to have the most pleasant and comfortable show they can, and overcrowded tables are the opposite of pleasant and comfortable.

NOTE: There is a space on the Artists Alley registration page where you can put seating preferences if you have them. We try as hard as we can to honor these, but obviously we cannot honor all of them, so thanks for your understanding!

Listed alphabetically by company/first name. Names listed on the same line are sharing space.
Newest additions will appear here in red as they are added.
Table numbers are subject to change.

To see the complete list of featured guests, click here.

A Sound of Thunder
A Wave Blue World
A.Shay Hahn
Aaron "Doc" Springer
Abby Howard & James Nelson
AC Medina, Kevin Shah, & Morgan Sawyer
Adam Cozart
Addison's Jewelry and Design
AJ Hebard
Alannah Ross
Alex Smith & Viet Huynh
Alexandria Fletcher & Ingram Jinkens
Alice Holleman & Timothy Weaver
All Things Geeky by 2 Nerds
Altar Girl
Amanda Chapman
Amazing Age / Matthew D Smith & Jeremy Massie
Amber Bellerjeau
Anderson Carman
Andrea Lorenzo Molinari & Roberto X. Molinari
Andrea Saavedra
Andrew Day
Andrew Lytle
Angel Onofre
Anna Liisa Jone, Haigen Shelley, & Jim Shelley
Anthony Spay
anything goes comics
Apen & Jet
Arbitrary Muse
Atomic Universe
Austin Light
Barely Sushi Art
Batjeepster Rings
Battle Babies Toy Art/JunkFed
Bear Butt Comics
BeastWreck Stuff
Becca Farrow
Bee Loud Comics
Ben Bishop
Ben Martin
Ben Miller
Billy Fowler
Blue Jay Stuffs
Bobby Timony
Bow Bow
Brandewyn Illustrations
Brandon Hendricks
Briar Patch Comix
Brittany Hildebrand
Brittany Peer
Bryan Collins
Bryan E. West
& Weston Notestine
Bryan Mon
Bryan Vreeland
Bughouse Comics
Burn or Bust
BUS 383
Caitlin Scannell
Caroline Cash
Cassie Hart
Catie Donnelly & Jordan Witt
CC Norris
Chad Cicconi
Charles Mumford
Chia Sprout Studio
Chris Malone
Chris Reader
Chris Stanfield
Christine Brunson
Christopher Sheridan
Chroma Coma
Clara Meath
Columbus College of Art and Design
Comic Coasters
Comics Alternative
Conley Lyons
Courtney Godbey
Courtney Shackelford
Crass Fed Kids / Deans Family Productions
Creature Entertainment
Cullen Gardepe & Patrick Snyder
Cute Not Kawaii
Daab Creative
Dailen Ogden
Daniel Hooker
David Caldwell & Allison Wear
Darren Neely
Dave Baker & Nicole Goux
Dead Gremlin Comix
Dreaming City Books
Ed Eargle
E.E. Martin
Elias Chatzoudis
Elisa Wikey
Elliot Fernandez
Emmett Helen
Enzo Garza
Eric McConnell
Eric Z Goodnight
Erik Klaus
Erin Kipps & Erin Gladstone
Errol Rich Jr
Eryk Donovan
Escapist Comix
Eugene commodore
Faith & Fandom
Floyd County Productions
Frank Antonio
FRANK Comics
Gavin Guidry
Gavin Smith
Glenn Urieta
Goddess by Ecolibrio
Greene County Creative
Greg Needham
Greg Steele & Matt Harrison
Gregbo Watson
Gregery Miller
Gregory Dickens
Guildworks Publishing
Handmade Stuffs
Hannah Christenson
Happy Unicorn Studio
Hard Coal Studios
Heather Hitchman-Lambert
Heroic Effort Crafts
High Fiber Designs
Homeless Comics
Horse Fiddle Press
Ilinca Mitchell
Imp King Comics
Inkforwords Art
Irly's Swirley's
J.M. Dragunas
Jacqueline Morrow & Yasmin Flores Montanez
Jamie Jones
Jamie Kinosian
Jamie Tyndall
Jamien Craig
Janet Lee
Jason Flowers
Jenevieve Broomall
Jeni Lee
& Evolving Symmetry
Jenny Parks
Jeremy Brooks & Eraklis Petmezas
Jeremy Megert
Jeremy Sorrell
Jitterwood Publishing
Joe Hunter & Luke Herr
Joe's Studio
Joel Santana
Joey Helms
John Golden & Ella Ward
John Johnston
Jonathan La Mantia
Jonathan O'Briant
Jordi Ramone of Absolute Tattoo, Charlotte NC
Jorge Santiago Jr
Jose Ciceraro
Joseph Freistuhler
Joseph Karg & Chris Bivins
Josh Greathouse
Josh Hixson & Eli Powell
Josh Howard
Josh Vasallo
JP Burwell &
Michole Miller
Julia Hagerty & Amanda Semler
Julie Godwin & Hannako Lambert
K.J. Kaminski/ Big Blue Comics
Kaila Causey
Karl Slominski
Kate Sherron
Kathryn Hudson
Keith Cunningham
Kelsey Cudahy & Bonita Lewis
Kelsi Jo Silva
Kennedy C. Garza
Kerin Cunningham & Andrea Kendrick
Kevin Chin
Kiki Jenkins
Kit Seaton & Ahmad Rashad Doucet
Lance Footer
Laura Graves
Laura Truxillo
Laureen Davis
Leigh Williams & Rachel Sullivan
Liana Buszka
Licca Kirk
Little Paper Forest
Lockett Down Productions
Lost Girls Traveling Emporium
Luke Foster
Mako Fufu
Man Eating Cake Comics
Marie Enger
Marshall Hinson &
Bernie Cooke
Mason Easley
Matt D Wilson & Kevin Warren
Matt Lesniewski
Max Bare
& Alejandro Rosado
Max Currie Comics
Melissa Mendelson
Melissa Pierce
Meredith Laxton & Sydney Ander
Michael Kulick Artworks
Michael Locoduck Duron
Mike Bedsole
Mindy Wheeler Art
Misfit Corner Comics
Mittie Paul
Moe Balinger Illustration
MP MEZ Studios
Naomi Romero
Nate Jones Design
Nerd Bubbles
Nick Danzi
Nicky Soh
Nigel Sade Fine Art
Noah Sult
Noel Saabye
Norton's Productions / Giraffe's Creations
Nutmeg Comics
Paper Dream Productions/ Ally Shwed, Gerado Alba
Paper Dream Productions/ Jay Sternitzky & Mateo Cantu
Paper Dream Productions/ Zak Kinsella
Papposilenos Publishing
Parker Hicks (Vengeful Ghost) &
Jordan Clark
Part Time Princess
Patrick Thomas Parnell
Paul Rigg
Phouthong Phimmarath
pretty weird art
Proton Factories
Rachel Ordway

Rachel's Cartoons
RadJinja Studios
Randall Mackey
Randall Trang
Refresh Records
Regina Aycock
Reid Beaman
Rejected Princesses
remakes plethora
Renegade Ram
retro steam studios
Rhododo LLC
Richard Cox
Ripple Comics
Rob Retiano
Robert Bruno
Robin Ann Wren
Rockin' Robin
Ronald McCullough
Rootis Tabootus
Rumble and Roar Wandmakers
Run Riot Media
Ryan Best
Ryan DuBois
Ryan Kincaid
Sarah Harrod
Sarah Myer
Sarah Wilkinson Art
Scott Ambruson
Scott Brinkley
Scott Rorie
Scott Zambelli
Shannon Manor
Shawn McCauley
Skeleton Bay Detective Agency
SLK Cosplay
Sol Comics
Sophie Scruggs
Soul Bullet Entertainment
Spandex Splinters
SparkOut Designs
Spero Studios
Split Lip
Stache Publishing
Stephanie Pai & Brittani Andrews
Steve Lang
Steve Lydic
Stockpile Comics
Stuart Thaman
Super Sweets
Tad Lambert
Taylor Sterry
Texas Comics Cartel
The Caleb King
The Simon Corporation
Thirty Seven Stars
Tim Shinn
Tim Showers
Tom Carlton
Tony Sedani
Trav Hart's Illustration & Grotesqueries
Travis Bannister
Troy Fulkerson
TTRX-JT Wilkins
UndeadDu Cosplay
Unique Creations by Amy
Victoria Gedvillas
Volatile Studio
Vulgardragon's Den
Walter Ostlie
Wayward Cross Studios
Wesley Dallas Merritt
Wicked Design
Wil Quintana
William C Tracy
William Myers
Yale Stewart
Yoshi Yoshitani
You Found Matthew
Zach Brutscher
Zach Smithson
Zombie Punk
Zombienaut Comics
Zombiepetz/ the Art of Ryan G. Browne