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Hey guys, it’s me, Dustin Harbin! I know we’ve been quiet lately, since HeroesCon and last week’s awesome Adam Hughes release party and signing. I’ve been going through this very site, slowly but surely and changing over everything to reflect HeroesCon 2011. While we haven’t nailed down exact dates, Shelton is working hard on it, and even though I don’t know the dates yet, I do know the 2011 part, so I went ahead and stuck that up there! I’m most of the way done sprucing things up, but I’m sure there are a few little bits I’ve missed, so I’ll be cruising back over it next week to clean it up just so.

The other thing I’ll be doing next week is teaching other people how to do the stuff I do, although they know most of it already. Once again, and for what must surely be the last time, I’m going to go paddle out alone into the world of freelance cartooning, and thus end nearly 15 years of working for good ol’ Shelton Drum, who has been like a second father to me all these years, and under whose employment I’ve learned pretty much every professional lesson of my adult life. I mean, I’ve worked here since I was 21, way back in 1996, when Marvel was getting ready to go bankrupt and Kyle Rankin was the new Green Lantern and everyone was complaining that the price of an issue of same had gone up to a buck-fifty.

While I’ll still be around, especially as we switch things around for a new era of awesomeness for the store and HeroesCon, it’ll be more as a cheerleader and occasional helper-outer than a member of the paid staff. If you need anything, I would direct you to Shelton or Shawn Daughhetee, who will be handling a lot of the con gruntwork I have for so long. Shawn is about as nice a person as you could ask for, way nicer than I am, so be nice to her too okay?

Okay, I gotta go and write the Hotline, so I’ll cut this short. But just let me say thank you very much to the staff who have endured my persnickety peculiarness and control-freakitude for so long, and also who have been awesome co-workers. Also thank you to my man Andy Mansell, who’s just amazing all over and who did a lot more than anyone gave him credit for on HeroesCon this year–a lot of why it went so smooth you can lay directly at his doorstep. If every comics shop had a customer like Andy Mansell, the direct market would be a lot healthier; or at least super friendly.

And thanks most of all to Shelton, who hired me when I was barely an adult, and who’s been patient with my stubborn refusal to become any more adult, and who has let me run with a lot of ideas that others might have balked at. A good dude, that Shelton, the rest of you could do a lot worse in a boss like him. Ha! Suckers! To the rest of you guys, I’ll see you occasionally browsing the racks at Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find. And with luck next year as a guest at HeroesCon, provided my nascent cartooning career goes somewhere. Wish me luck!


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