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Since books were delayed this week due to the July 4 holiday, I’ll be spotlighting a few more titles than the average Wednesday.  This is a big week for new books, so check out what I believe to be some of the industry’s best offerings.

1) Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #1

This series not only brings the Young Avengers back into the spotlight but also takes some steps to fix some of the Scarlet Witch’s troubles as of late.  Considering the fact that Young Avengers creators Allan Heinberg and Jimmy Cheung are at the helm of this series, fans of these characters should want to tune in. While the Scarlet Witch has been a problematic character over the past decade, both Heinberg and Cheung have the chops to get her back to relevance in the Marvel Universe.

2) Batman: The Odyssey #1

Neal Adams, one of comics early proponents of realism, returns to a character he left an indelible mark upon in years past.  Aside from the fact that the series is said to feature Adams’ take on an array of classic bat villains, it should be noted that the first issue weighs in at a hefty 40 pages.  And did I mention Neal is writing this series to accompany his trademark illustrations?  It’s nice to see him taking the reins of a character like this again.

3) The Playwright 

With his groundbreaking work on From Hell and Alec, artist Eddie Campbell cemented his place in comics history.  But in recent years with The Fate of the Artist, The Black Diamond Detective Agency and The Amazing Remarkable Monsieur Leotard, Campbell has continued to churn out quality books.  In The Playwright, Campbell reunites with writer Daren White to tell the story of a celibate, middle aged man and the intertwining arcs of his personal and artistic lives.  This one’s not for kids but is a must read for the literary-minded comic reader.  I had the good fortune to read this book a few weeks ago and it has already earned a place on my ‘Best of 2010’ list.

4) Thor: The Mighty Avenger #1

It’s no secret that the Heroes staff loves the work of Roger Langridge.  Chances are, many customers already know this as several of us regularly discuss  The Muppet Show and Fred the Clown.  While I’m excited to read Langridge’s take on all things Asgard, I must admit that I’m equally anxious to see artist Chris Samnee‘s rendition of Thor hammering away at giants and monsters.  After his recent work on DC’s sleeper hit The Mighty and the Vertigo crime graphic novel Area 10, Samnee’s proven himself a talented and capable artist.  Early previews of his work on Thor suggests that this could very well be the work of his career (up to this point).

5)  Scarlet #1

Brian Michael Bendis has clearly had his hands full running the Avengers corner of the Marvel Universe for several years. Taking note of this effort, I’m excited to see his first creator owned series since Powers.  Fans of Bendis’ grittier fare like Jinx and Torso will want to take a look at Scarlet, another collaboration with artist Alex Maleev.  Following in the vein of the aforementioned titles, Scarlet is said to be a return to Bendis’ crime and noir roots.  And while some of you might miss this duo’s collaboration on the recent Spider-woman series, this should be a nice alternative for you to check out.

6) Shadowland #1:

Andy Diggle and Billy Tan spearhead the new Marvel event focusing on Daredevil’s recent turn to the dark side.  Spidey, Cage, Iron Fist, Moon Knight, the Punisher, and other city-based heroes also appear in what could be an book that has fallen under the radar of some readers. Expect to encounter a more violent Daredevil than you are used to with major ramifications for the character to be felt for some time.

7)  Steve Rogers: Super Soldier: #1

While the original Cap is leading the current Secret Avengers and still making appearances in the primary Captain America title, here’s your chance to read a solo Steve Rogers series.  Writer Ed Brubaker has already proven his skill at writing Rogers but it’ll be nice to see artist Dale Eaglesham‘s rendition of the character in his new role as Marvel’s top cop.

Bonus Pick of the Week: Casanova #1

Finally, I would be remiss not to mention the re-release of Casanova under Marvel’s Icon Imprint.  The quirky book with story by Matt Fraction and art by Gabriel Ba receives new color art from Cris Peter, as well as new lettering courtesy of our old compatriot Dustin Harbin.  In addition to awing at Dharbin’s penmanship skills, take note that the book also includes a new short story from Fraction and other regular series artist Fabio Moon.


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