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Charlotte’s longest running comic convention returns this weekend! Featuring great vendors and comic creators including: Skottie Young, Rich Case, Sanford Greene, Jason Latour, Andy Smith, Rob Ullman, & many more!

Register now for FREE admission and don’t forget to bring a non-perishable food item for Second Harvest Food Bank!

Eventbrite - CHARLOTTE MINICON 2014

Guest List:

Natalie Andrewson
Duane Ballenger
Chad Bowers
J Chris Campbell
Joel Carroll
Rich Case
Sage Coffey
Jeremy Dale
Bo Fader
Billy Fowler
FRANK comics
Randy Green
Sanford Greene
John Hairston Jr
Dustin Harbin
Sandy Jarrell
Cassie Hart Kelly
Jason Latour
Jackie Lewis
Cara McGee
Chris McJunkin
Brockton McKinney
Kevin Mellon
Drew Moss
Out of Step Arts
Eraklis Petmezas
Buddy Prince
Pat Quinn
Budd Root
Bridgit Schiede
Hoyt Silva
Andy Smith
Rebel Stars Studio
Spandex Splinters
Ben Towle
Robert Ullman
Brittney Williams
Kelly Yates
Skottie Young

Eventbrite - CHARLOTTE MINICON 2014



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seth_smlSETH’S PICK :: WINTER SOLDIER VOL. 4 TPB:  After writing and drawing books for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Vertigo, and 12 Gauge, our friend and neighbor Jason Latour landed the task of taking over writing duties for Ed Brubaker on Winter Soldier.  Alongside artist Nic Klein, Latour offered a smart and funny take on the man formerly known as Bucky. The pair also introduced memorable new cast members like Robards and Electric Ghost, both of whom further defined the Winter Soldier and his world.  Latour and Klein’s run received due acclaim, and though the series was ultimately cancelled (you know Marvel will relaunch it closer to the next Cap movie), their work was a fine addition to the character’s storied history.  This collection gives you an idea of what can happen when like minded creators get paired on a book that makes perfect sense for them to collaborate on.  It’s also, more importantly, an example of good and entertaining comics.






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HeroesCon 2013 was amazing. Thanks to everyone on both sides of the table who attended. Dates for HeroesCon 2014 are set, we’ll be back in the same space at the Charlotte Convention Center on June 20-22, 2014. Let’s start things off with a bang for HeroesCon 2014 with our first Guest List Announcement!

It’s been a few years since legendary comic artist ARTHUR ADAMS has graced HeroesCon with his presence but he will be back in 2014! Arthur is known for his ability to pack a page with detail without making it look cluttered. He’s been a huge influence on a few generations of artists now while he’s still going strong and improving his craft!

STEPHANIE BUSCEMA is taking a few days off from her busy schedule of illustrating books and painting comic covers to join us too! Stephanie’s classic precision painting style is in demand and we’re excited to welcome her back to the show next year!


If you’ve never met SCOTT C. don’t miss this opportunity! He’s truly one of the most charming creators you’ll meet and that character really comes through in his art. We love Scott!

KELLY SUE DECONNICK and the Carol Corps were in full force at HeroesCon 2013. Let’s see if we can make this celebration an annual event! Also, be on the lookout for Kelly Sue’s new book, Pretty Deadly, it looks killer!!kellysuedeconnick

We’re pleased to announce KEVIN EASTMAN’s first appearance at HeroesCon! Kevin is the co-creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the head honcho at Heavy Metal Magazine. Don’t miss this opportunity to say hello to a modern comics legend!kevin_eastman

MATT FRACTION has a long list of accomplishments in comics but maybe the most impressive is taking a B-list superhero like Hawkeye and making him the star of a book people can’t wait to read each month. From serious to super silly, Matt is a writer who has shown a great range and we’re always happy to have him at HeroesCon!fox_mfraction

One of our neighbors just happens to be a great at making comics. JASON LATOUR just finished a run as the writer of Winter Soldier and the artist on Sledgehammer ’44. He’s got a bunch of soon-to-be-announced things cooking and we’re really looking forward to the just-announced at the Image Expo, Southern Bastards which Jason will be drawing!

RYAN OTTLEY makes you feel the pain when things get hyper violent in Invincible but he’s just as good at the quiet stuff and superheroics too! Make sure you get a sketch from him at HeroesCon, the crazier your request, the better!

RICK REMENDER is coming back to HeroesCon for the first time in years. After several succesful runs on creator-owned books like Fear Agent and Strange Girl Rick took his talents to Marvel for an acclaimed run as the writer of Uncanny X-Force. Now, aside from strong work on Captain America and Uncanny Avengers, Remender is coming back with two great looking books from Image, Black Science and Deadly Class!

Tickets will be on sale soon and of course we’ll have many more guest list announcements and other HeroesCon news coming your way throughout the year!




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Free Comic Book Day 2013 @ Heroes is going to be our biggest and best yet! Come out on May 4th to meet more great comic creators than we have ever had at this fun annual event! Also, it says it right there in the name but in case you missed it, there will be lots of FREE COMICS to choose from too! Check out our awesome guest list and save the date!

  • CHRIS BRUNNER – Artist: Loose Ends, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, The Ride
  • IAN FLYNN – Writer: Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man
  • FRANCESCO FRANCAVILLA – Writer/Artist: Black Beetle Artist: Captain America & Black Widow, Detective Comics
  • SANFORD GREENE – Artist: Rotten Apple, Deadpool, Wonder Girl, Methodman GN
  • CULLY HAMNER – Artist: Red, The Question, Detective Comics, Black Lightning
  • DUSTIN HARBIN – Writer/Artist: DIARY COMICS, Nutted!, DHARBIN!
  • TONY HARRIS – Artist: JSA: Whistling Skull, Ex Machina, Starman, War Heroes
  • ADAM HUGHES – Artist: Before Watchmen: Doctor Manhattan, Fairest, Wonder Woman, Catwoman
  • JUSTIN JORDAN – Writer: Legend of Luther Strode, Superboy, Deathstroke, Green Lantern: New Guardians
  • JASON LATOUR – Writer: Winter Soldier, Loose Ends, Wolverine: Japan’s Most Wanted Artist: B.P.R.D., Django Unchained
  • JACKIE LEWIS – Artist: Play Ball
  • TRADD MOORE – Artist: Legend of Luther Strode, Legends of the Dark Knight
  • ERAKLIS PETMEZAS – Writer/Artist: Last Cigarette
  • JAY POTTS – Writer/Artist: World of Hurt
  • RIDDLE – Cosplayer
  • BUDD ROOT – Writer/Artist: Cavewoman
  • ANDY SMITH – Artist: The First, Weapon X, Green Lantern, WWE Heroes, Flex and Tone
  • BRIAN STELFREEZE – Artist: Domino, Matador, Batman: Shadow of the Bat

NOTE that free sketches are at the discretion of the artists, and are not guaranteed.

So, mark that date on your calendar folks! Get here early on Saturday, May 4th at Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find will be a great time and you won’t want to miss it!




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SETH’S PICK :: SLEDGEHAMMER 44 #1: I had a long, detailed paragraph prepared as to why I think you should spend your hard earned money on this comic. . .and then it disappeared from my computer.  Instead, I’ll just keep it short and simple.  1) There aren’t many war stories set in the Mignola-verse.  2) This one features an Iron Man archetype fighting Nazis, but is just as much about the normal soldiers on the ground as it is the armor.  3)  Though it was written (by Mike Mignola and John Arcudi) for genius John Severin to draw, when he passed away it was given to Jason Latour, who excels at the kind of detail-oriented research this story requires, and understands the importance of balancing that research with a focus on the characters themselves.  4)  In a week where I could easily write about the Hawkeye vol. 1 TPB, Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #2, or Ben Katchor’s Hand Drying in America, this is the book I’m most excited about seeing and reading. 



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BRIDGIT’S PICK :: WINTER SOLDIER #16: So, I’ve never been a monthly Captain America reader or followed Winter Soldier much but, that being said, in the last few months I’ve been reserving both of these titles… the books are sooo good! Marvel has used their re-launch as a chance to pair us up some really awesome creative teams. Jason Latour and Nic Klein really surprised me with their first issue of Winter Soldier last month.

Not only was it a fun read, but the art was so right for this title. A lot of times in comics, when the story is more action-oriented, the art loses touch with the character, which bothers me because I like to feel connected and read, through the art, what the character is thinking or going through internally. Nic Klein totally owns both action and the quiet moments, and keeps us connected with the internal dilemmas Latour is writing through the characters and their interactions.

All of you Brubaker lovers need not fear either, Latour hasn’t exactly taken Bucky Barnes out on a limb. Though Latour has definitely branched off into his own creative storytelling, he’s rooting the story in the plot Brubaker has already constructed. So no re-launch for Winter Soldier, thank God. In fact, Latour is resolutely building upon the foundation of Barnes’ dark past and using this to really push the boundaries of the character. These panels also make up some of the most reflective and introspective comic pages I’ve ever read.

And of course, no comic written by Latour would be complete without a good bit of humor and wacky antics. A Bond-like character named Robards who Barnes encounters in the last issue proved to be a great source of comic relief.

Something else about this series that I’m SUPER excited about too, is the creation of Latour’s new female (super?!)villain, the “Electric Ghost”. What we’ve seen of her so far is awesome but she’s still – literally – veiled in a shroud of mystery. In the last issue, she exhibited this cool sense of intelligence through some pretty wicked dialogue. This might be the sweetest female villain – let alone character – I’ve seen introduced in Marvel Comics in a long time.




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RICO’S PICK :: WINTER SOLDIER #15: We’ve been waiting for this issue for long time, ever since our neighbor Jason Latour told us he was taking over writing duties on Winter Soldier when Ed Brubaker left. Jason and artist Nic Klein begin their Winter Soldier run on this issue and introduce a cool new character, The Electric Ghost. She’s already a favorite of mine and I hope she sticks around the Marvel Universe for a long time. Check out this 3 page preview below and check out the full issue this Wednesday!



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SETH’S PICK :: HELLBOY IN HELL #3: The fact is, many times a high profile creator returns to a character they made famous, in spite of publicity, the book somehow doesn’t live up to expectation.  Mike Mignola’s return to drawing Hellboy in this series certainly attracted lots of attention, but it has been far from a let down.  In fact, it’s arguably as good as anything Mignola’s ever done.  You can really see the joy he’s getting out of taking Hellboy in a new direction.  It’s not a rehash of where Hellboy has been before, and Mignola is clearly crafting challenging stories and situations that will only further develop the character.  It’s also worth mentioning the genius-level coloring of Dave Stewart.  He’s long been Mignola’s go-to colorist, but the new setting of Hell has really allowed Stewart to stretch out and use a richer, more varied palette.  These are masters of the craft who are not only enjoying the process of making these comics, but are pushing themselves to evolve their work and the characters they continue to define. 

Bonus Pick of the Week:  I’d be remiss not to mention this week’s debut of our pal Jason Latour as the new writer of Winter Soldier.  All of us around here have long known how hard Jason works at comics, and some of us have even heard about what he has in the works for Bucky Barnes.  Alongside Nic Klein, who may well be the most suited artist to work on Winter Soldier since Jackson Guice, Latour plans to move Bucky forward in genuinely interesting ways.  Ed Brubaker brought Bucky back to relevance, and he’ll always cast a long shadow on whoever else writes the character, but Latour and Klein will distinguish Winter Soldier in ways you’ve never seen before.



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Lee Weeks, a favorite of fans and peers alike will be joining us for the Charlotte MiniCon on Sunday, January 20, 2013! If you haven’t met Lee you’re in for a treat. The only thing better than his great renditions of your favorite heroes is his warm personality!


Complete 2013 Charlotte MiniCon Guest List (so far):

Charlotte MiniCon takes place on January 20, 2013 at the Grady Cole Center. There will be lots of free parking*

Like our Facebook page and register at Eventbrite for FREE admission to the show! We are lending our support to two great charities, The American Red Cross and Second Harvest Food Bank and encourage you to donate to them on the day of the show as representatives will be in attendance. We plan to have MiniCon exclusive gifts to encourage and reward your generosity.

Costume Contest: Come in costume for a chance to win prizes. Register on site to compete!
Door Prizes each hour!
MiniCon Hours: 11AM-5PM

* We previously mentioned a free comic offer for attendees paying to park. Now that parking is free we will no longer be offering this incentive. Please consider donating your parking money to one of the great charities at the show!



STAFF PICKS :: DJANGO UNCHAINED #1 :: December 19, 2012

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SETH’S PICK :: DJANGO UNCHAINED #1: December always brings lots of good comics, and this week is a good representation of that.  Everything from Hickman’s Avengers #2 to Francavilla’s Black Beetle #0 will be new on the shelves, with lots of other good books like Saga and Pogo along for the ride.  So why am I picking a movie adaptation?  First off, in addition to being published by Vertigo, the comic’s script is essentially Quentin Tarantino’s screenplay.  In fact, parts of the screenplay might not end up in the film, but will appear here, so that’s a plus for Tarantino fans.  Most significantly to me are the artists bringing the comic to life.  It’s the first major post-Scalped work from artist R.M. Guera, and each issue’s flashback sequences are provided by talented local writer/artist Jason Latour.  So you have a Tarantino-helmed comic about a vengeful slave-turned-bounty hunter trying to free his wife, and you have more-than-qualified artists bringing the screenplay to life in a way the movie won’t.  This is a no-brainer to me.