TOMORROW: Asterios Polyp Discussion Group!

August 28, 2009 at 10:10 am By:

Guys don’t forget this one–signs point to it being one of our most amazingest discussions yet! We expect a larger turnout that normal, so (as we did for the Watchmen discussion group) we will be meeting here at the store and then trooping across the street to one of the area restaurants. Discussionmaster General Andy Mansell will be large and in charge at the head of the table, and he has been eagerly anticipating this so I’m sure he’ll be loaded for bear!


1) a copy of the book (if you have one). It’s a very visual book, and I bet there will be a lot of discussion of the way author David Mazzucchelli uses color in it, which means a lot of page turning.

2) some questions. I know I have some–Asterios Polyp is a book crammed–CRAMMED, I say–with layers, and I’m pretty certain I don’t understand everything. Hopefully together we can all figure this badboy out.

3) a good attitude. We welcome all comers to our discussions, and are very friendly with each other. We want–nay, DEMAND–a vigorous discussion, but we all like each other too. So remember everyone’s feelings, what say?

4) a little money (only if you’re planning on eating or drinking at the restaurant). (oh, and if you want to buy anything at the store, that’s cool too).

5) high fives. Because, why not?


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