REVIEW :: Magog #1

September 10, 2009 at 5:20 pm By:

magog_01-fcLast week in this space I talked about how I surprisingly liked the first issue of the new DC Comics limited series Batman: Widening Gyre. Well, this week I’m surprised yet again by the quality of another first issue of another new DC series: Magog.

And, look, I was really certain that I would hate this one; I was not a fan of the character as he was portrayed in the pages of JSA. As far as I was concerned, he was a boring dude with undefined powers and an ugly costume. So, him in his own series — I was thinking — was a bound to be a disaster.

Well, looks like I was wrong (again).

Magog #1 was an entertaining read — and that’s mainly because writer Keith Giffen found a way to make the character interesting. In place of the tabula rasa-esque hero he was, Giffen paints a picture of an ultra-tough guy — who also possesses an accessible touch of humanity —at odds with his teammates, but dedicated to his mission.

The plot, something about illegal high-tech weapons, is nothing new. And the general concept of the comic is sort of being done in Marvel’s War Machine. And the art, by former JLA penciler Howard Porter, is good — though not mind-blowing (it is nice to see his work again). The real draw here, however, is the star of the book himself.

For my money, if you’re looking for a new superhero comic, I’d suggest picking up Magog #1.


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