REVIEW :: Captain America Reborn #3

September 24, 2009 at 11:33 am By:

I’ve gotta admit it: Captain America: Reborn has me pretty confused.

The Marvel Comics limited series that promises to bring Steve Rogers back from the dead is filled with crazy time travel, talk of “the constant,” and other pseudo-science babble that I don’t understand. One thing is for sure, though: I really dig this comic.

Part of my enjoyment is just the sheer guilty pleasure of seeing the Falcon in action. He shows up in the latest issue (No. 3) and kicks a lot of booty. It’s funny how Sam Wilson is depicted as a chump sometimes (ala that issue of the Avengers when he got spanked by the Grey Gargoyle, even though he fought him to a standstill years before in an issue of Captain America and the Falcon) and other times he’s shown as surprisingly competent and tough (like that old Jim Owsley penned Falcon mini-series from the 1980s). I like to think of him as a guy who gets overlooked, but is obviously a bad dude; why else would Cap make him his partner? Taking all that into consideration, it’s great seeing the Falcon show up and beat up bad guys.

The other part of my enjoyment of Reborn is just counting down the issues until Steve Rogers comes back.

Sure, I love the Bucky version of Cap, but I miss Steve — and I really didn’t know how much until writer Ed Brubaker murdered him.

Then again, I guess that was the point, eh? Well, mission accomplished.

Two more months to go until the series ends and Steve dons the chain mail once again. Can’t wait.


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