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jsa-vs-kobra_01-fc_420pxI’ve always loved the Justice Society of America, but I haven’t been in love with the team’s ongoing monthly title for a hot minute.

The once great series started to kinda suck near the end of writer Geoff Johns’ run — during the way-too-long “Kingdom Come” story line. And, so far, I’m not totally sold on the new JSA creative team … or the idea that we need a whole ’nother JSA title (the upcoming JSA All-Stars).

At its best, the JSA focused on a core crew of legendary and legacy characters and excelled at getting to the heart of heroes that others thought of as lame. These days the book is filled with too many members — and many of them (like, uh, Magog) haven’t been adequately developed.

All that being the case, thank goodness for JSA vs. Kobra. A standalone six-issue limited series, it was probably one of the best JSA adventures in a while.

Sure the title was packed with a dozen or so superheroes, but Mr. Terrific and Power Girl took the spotlight in — as the title suggests — the team’s war against a new incarnation of the classic villain Kobra. On top of that, several other JSAers were given cool moments, offering them a chance to shine as well. The story is chock full of action and mystery, and mines new territory for the book’s good and bad guys.

Oh and the highly detailed art is by former JSA penciler Don Kramer, so flipping through the book is sort of a stroll down memory lane.

Anyway, take my word for it. If you’re anything like me, you’ll dig this new addition to the adventures of DC’s first super team.

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