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box_hahtf-sale_no-dateTODAY, TODAY!! We’ve been talking about it for weeks, but it’s just minutes away from starting! Seth and Shelton have got THIRTY boxes of $1 books that have never been touched by non-Heroes hands, there are deals throughout the store on pretty much EVERYTHING! From a base discount of 10% on pretty much everything, on up through 50% off back issues, to 75-90% off select items we need to blow out to make room for next year’s stuff!

It’s grey outside, and brisk to be sure, but we are assured by all the weather powers-that-be that any rain is scheduled for much later today, probably after dark! So bring it on out to Heroes today and help support your favorite comic store in this once a year tradition! AND, from 2-5, meet comics stars Nathan Edmondson (Olympus), Budd Root (Cavewoman), Andy Smith (Dean Koontz’ Frankenstein), and Chrissie Zullo (Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love)!

More details in the post directly below this one, but bring it on, we are about to open this piece UP!


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