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incorruptible_fc-01_variant_420pxI read a lot of comics every week — so many that I just don’t have time to fully review all of them in any given setting. So, every once in a while, I do a “jam” review with quick looks at several books I’m digging. Check it out:

Incorruptible No. 1: Are you a fan of superhero comics but would like to take a break from the spandex-clad bunch at the Big Two? Well, I’d recommend picking up Mark Waid’s Incorruptible. Starting with Irredeemable, Waid has been building an interesting world of heroes over at Boom! Studios, and this comic — which tells the story a villain “gone good” — is the latest addition to that steadily growing universe.

Ghost Riders: Heaven’s on Fire No. 5: The perfect combination of humor, horror and extreme violence, it makes me sad to think that this is writer Jason Aaron’s swan song on Ghost Rider. Get your hands on all the issues before this limited series ends next month.

Dark Avengers No. 12: I’m shocked that this Avengers title turned out to be my favorite of the franchise. This team of villains is way more interesting than their heroic counterparts. I wonder what Marvel plans to do with them after Siege; let’s hope it’s something interesting.

Batman: Streets of Gotham No. 7: As much as I hate holiday-oriented stories, leave it to a writer like Paul Dini to craft a great one; it’s filled with terror and, unlike some one-off Christmas stories, ties into the continuity of the title.


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