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secret-warriors_fc_thumbLet’s skip the fancy banter usually found in my snazzy reviews and just cut to the chase: Here’s my list for the best superhero comics of 2009:

Invincible: While Robert Kirkman’s Brit and Astounding Wolf-Man bit the dust (Wolf-Man ends in 2010), Invincible still soared — and that’s probably because the book is a fun read with tons of action, vomit-inducing gore and humor.

Secret Warriors: Who knew that anybody — other than Jim Steranko — could make a viable comic about Nick Fury? Well, writer Jonathan Hickman proved it could be done. If you haven’t picked up this smart, mystery-laden series yet, please run to the shop now.

Wonder Woman: I talked about this book in my all-inclusive list of books for 2009 in the current issue of Creative Loafing, but I’ll say it again: Writer Gail Simone finally found the winning formula on Wonder Woman. She knows how to add just enough mythology, straight-up superhero slugfests and emotion to make it worth snagging every month. And artist Aaron Lopresti has turned in some of the best pages of his career for this comic.

Detective Comics: Batwoman: I talked about this comic over in Creative Loafing this week, too, but I stand by that decision. The first arc by Greg Rucka was not that compelling, but the engrossing second story line more than made up for it. And J.H. Williams is — hands down — the best artist on a superhero book right now.

Blackest Night/Green Lantern: OK, I talked about this one already as well. But both books were killer this year.

Captain Britain and MI13: Sadly, this comic was canceled. But while it lasted, it was intelligent, confidently paced and character-focused — a rarity for Marvel and the industry as a whole.

Dark Avengers: Marvel’s most entertaining Avengers book. Seriously.


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