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Where Shawn looks at the New Releases and lets you know which books she is most excited about!


1) Siege #1

All your favorite Avengers team up to take down Norman Osbourne and restore order to the Marvel Universe! Also out this week is Seige Embedded #1. It focuses on Ben Urich and the media coverage of the events in SiegeChris Samnee is on art and Brian Reed is on words.

2) Life & Times of Uncle Scrooge HC

Boom! Studios re-releases this collection as a lovely hardcover. It collects some of the best Scrooge stories out there. Plus it has gold embossing hidden beneath the dustjacket. Classy!

3) King City #4

Kudos to Image for picking up Brandon Graham‘s King City after Tokyopop dropped it in 2008 when they cut back on their titles. The first six issues of the Image series are reprinting content from King City vol 1 TP, along with some extras and back-ups thrown in for good measure. But starting with issue #7 there will be all new story.

4) Weird Western Tales #71 and Suicide Squad #67

DC is resurrecting dead titles this month as tie-ins to the Blackest Night storyline. First up is Weird Western Tales (with Jonah Hex!) and Suicide Squad. Check out the back several pages of Blackest Night #6 for all the covers of the resurrected books. I think it is a really cool idea, especially once I got over the initial frustration of how to order them.


5) Unclothed Man in the 35th Century AD HC

Dash Shaw‘s art in this book is amazing. Compared to his work on Bottomless Belly Button it is really experimental and abstracted. I am really excited about reading it! And then after I read it I am going to check out the IFC animated web series based on the book.


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