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Shazam! Coming up on February 7, just one short month away, Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find will be hosting Afrodisiac‘s Jim Rugg! Jim is also the co-writer of the book, along with Brian Maruca; the two first created Afrodisiac in the pages of their Street Angel series. Jim has also been the artist on several graphic novels with other collaborators, including The Plain Janes and Janes In Love with writer Cecil Castellucci.

But enough about all that. AFRODISIAC. This is a pretty hotly anticipated book–Jim has turned into a sort of cartoonist’s cartoonist over the last few years, and he’s definitely showing off in Afrodisiac, switching up styles like Kool & The Gang switches up the rhythm. That was a 70’s funk reference, dig it? The book is chock full of them, and much better ones too–Afrodisiac is (if I have this right) a kind of amalgamation of 70’s-era comic books, blaxploitation films, and sexy times. All filtered through the minds of a couple of dudes from Pennsylvania who grew up on all that stuff.

Anyway. Jim will be appearing in our store Sunday, February 7, from 3-6pm, for a signing and a discussion of the book. He’ll be joined by AdHouse Books publisher Chris Pitzer, there mainly for security in case any of you ladies try to swarm Jim or anything. Our Heroes Discussion Group leader Andy Mansell will also be on hand–those of you who have attended any of the Discussion Groups know Andy will close-read a book like no one else, so expect some high quality questions–no extra charge!

And there’ll be plenty for Andy to talk about–Afrodisiac is filled with more double entendres than.. well, than a 70’s blaxploitation movie. See for yourself in this trailer for the book–not for the youngsters! Well, it’s not that bad, but still. You parents who are still pretending you can control what your kids see on the Internet, take heed my warning:

Okay see you there!


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