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Whoa whoa WHOA! Joining the Indie Island Guest List today are two more super-duper high profile greats of the webcomics scene, joining what is already a pretty web-tastic list. I mean, Kate Beaton, Anthony Clark, Danielle Corsetto, KC Green, Chris Hastings, Ryan North… who else is there?

Well, Meredith Gran for one, the creator of the hit Octopus Pie comic–Octopus Pie is one of the few comics that gets mentioned to me by my non-comics friends, I even had buddies asking me to bring them back her cool pint glasses from SPX, where I met her last year. Besides her acclaimed comic, she’s also the source of a treasure-trove of merchandise, like most of the webcomics success stories of the last few years. And while she’s published several books on her own, she’s recently signed her first official book deal, although I can’t remember if the publisher is secret or not. Probably not, but I’d better not say just in case, plus I can’t remember if I’m even remembering it right. Anyway, it’s a pretty massive publisher, I was kinda shocked when I heard. This is why I’m not a journalist.


BUT, as if that weren’t enough for one day, we also today added fellow web luminary R Stevens, who does the crazy popular Diesel Sweeties strip, which updates an insane 12 times a week?? Mr Stevens is also the head of his own internet empire; and like Meredith isn’t content with just t-shirts. He’s got his own line of “Pixel Socks” and “Pixel Ties”, although I’m not sure that they match, or should be worn together at all. I know you’re not supposed to combine plaid and stripes, but I’m not sure what the rules are on pixel art. Truly we live in an ever-changing landscape.

Okay! Pretty exciting stuff, guys. More updates next week, both for Indie Island and good ole “Original” HeroesCon!


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