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Oh man it’s an all-star indie comics revue today, very exciting for Indie Island! Attending his first ever HeroesCon will be Mome contributor and Covered blogger-in-chief Robert Goodin. Many of you thrilled to his book The Man Who Loved Breasts last year from Top Shelf, and his religiously-tinged historical comics in Mome are some of my very favorites. Man, I sure do love Mome. Monsieur Goodin is coming all the way from sunny Pasadena for HeroesCon, so be sure and make him feel welcome!

Also traveling from the West, although in this case the Mid-West, is returning Indie Island champeen Matt Kindt, whose book Superspy was a huge hit for him a few years ago. Matt followed that up with 3 Story: The Secret History of the Giant Man, and this year will see the publication of Revolver and The Tooth. Whew! Matt always has a ton of little geegaws and gimcracks for sale at conventions, and does primo sketches, often in watercolor!

Hailing from much closer are Drew Weing and Joey Weiser, who will be driving up again this year from Athens, Georgia for HeroesCon. Drew is the cartoonist behind the GORGEOUS “Set To Sea“, which Fantagraphics will be publishing this summer. He’s also known for him minicomics and his many many strips in Nick Magazine and Disney Adventures.

Joey is the author of The Ride Home and Tales of Unusual Circumstance, and has been making waves lately in comics circles for his unique way of funding his next graphic novel, Cavemen In Space. Love to see the Southern cartoonists mixing it up on the world stage, it warms my heart it does.

Man, Indie Island is looking RIDIC for this year (short for ridiculous)!! RIDIC!


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