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In which Shawn goes through the New Releases and lets you know which ones she is most excited about!

1) Ramayana Divine Loophole HC

Sanjay Patel illustrates one of the most well known Hindu myths in Ramayana Divine Loophole. It is an absolutely gorgeous book. The bright colors pop off the page and the layouts are fluid and dynamic. Beautifully executed!

2) Tails of the Pet Avengers #1

I really liked Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers. I thought it was fun and light-hearted and it had just the right amount of cheese. Tails of the Pet Avengers is a collection of 6 short stories featuring the animals from Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers: Throg, Zabu, Ms. Lion, Lockjaw, Lockheed and Red Wing. It looks like a highly entertaining read!

3) Batman and Robin #8

I admit to being slightly confused by the last issue, so hopefully Grant Morrison will explain what exactly is going on.

4) Sword #4 (Marvel)

I don’t care what anyone else says, I think Steven Sanders’s version of Beast looks cool.

5) Farscape Dargos Quest #3

I recently picked up several of the older Farscape comics and I really enjoyed them. They are fun space adventures. I never watched the show when it came on but I was able to jump into the comics and quickly figure out what was going on. Reading the comics has made me want watch the series. I think I never watched it because it came on Sci-Fi back when I didn’t have cable. I feel like I really missed out. There are Muppets! And by now you all know how much I love Muppets. Speaking of which, two Muppets books came out this week, Muppet Show #2 and Muppet King Arthur #1. Yay!


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