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This year’s Indie Island is shaping up to be even more insane than the mammoth 2008 edition. If you don’t believe me, just check out the Guest List–and remember it’s still February, and we’ll be adding names all the way into May! Goodness gracious.

Today the ranks swell by five more, all high quality people of decent and law-abiding backgrounds, all ready to meet you and maybe shake your hand if you look clean. Alphabetically kicking things off is the redoubtable (I had to check on what that word means to make sure it’s not an insult) Evan Dorkin, he of Milk & Cheese fame. Although recently he’s almost better-knowned for the successful Beasts of Burden minseries from Dark Horse, beautifully painted by fellow-guest Jill Thompson.

Evan is coincidentally followed alphabetically by his wife Sarah Dyer, who’s known for her Action Girl Comics series in the 90’s, not to mention as an Eisner Award-nominated colorist for her work on Dave Lapham’s Amy Racecar specials, Hellboy: Weird Tales, and more. But these days she’s a writer whose worked with Evan, on the original Beasts of Burden story in Dark Horse Book of Monsters, and Superman Adventures; as well as writing English-language adaptations of manga like DNAngel and Snowdrop, and most exciting (for me) as a writer and designer for the awesome Yo Gabba Gabba TV show. I could watch that show all day, and I don’t even have kids. It’s totally hypnotic.

While I think Van Jensen made his first “official” appearance in Indie Island last year, he’s more famous this year–his book Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer was recently nominated for all kinds of YA book industry awards, and it’s sort of “blowin up,” which is to say that more and more people are liking it all the time, and also buying it. Just in case you’re not hip to that slang. Van is a super sweet dude too, he hangs with that Top Shelf crowd, and I don’t think there’s a mean one in that bunch, so they probably calmed him down from the wild wooly behavior of his youth.

Brad McGinty is no stranger to HeroesCon, he’s been exhibiting for years and is a workhorse without compare. He’s got super-curly hair too, like a young dark-haired version of–what’s that guy that played the Greatest American Hero?–that guy. Anyway, when Brad isn’t a studly animator, he is a cartoonist without compare, most recently in the pages of his Tobey McGuire Comics & Stories, Wysteria, and tons more. Welcome back to Bradwick!

Rounding out our list this week is a pretty wildly popular webcartoonist, furthering my goal of having the whole Internet as guests at HeroesCon. David Malki! first came to the show back in 2008, but we have made up and agreed to disagree and he’s coming back this summer! David, if you don’t know, is the cartoonist/designer behind the wildly popular Wondermark online strip, the fourth collection of which, Dapper Caps & Pedal-Copters, is scheduled for an April release! David’s weird blend of old-timey stuff with new-timey stuff is pretty hilarious, I think this is his most recent strip (click on it to read the whole thing on his site:


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