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Five studly new names this week for HeroesCon’s already-epic Indie Island, let’s splash right in shall we?

EVAN DAHM is one of the fastest-rising stars of the webcomics community–while he’s appeared at HeroesCon before, this year marks his first appearance as an invited guest. At last year’s HeroesCon Jeff Smith brought Evan’s book Rice Boy up to Chris Pitzer and I and basically forced us to go buy it; he was freaking out about it. Having the creator of one of the best comics of all time hand-selling your book at conventions… well, there are worse problems to have. Plus we’re extra super proud of Evan, as he’s a North Carolinian, hailing from lovely Asheville!

JOSH LATTA is from some southern part of North Carolina called “Georgia,” but he’s a sweet guy so we don’t hold it against him much. No stranger to Indie Island, Josh is the creator of the Rashy Rabbit series of minicomics, and has appeared in a ton of anthologies, most notably J. Chris Campbell’s Wide Awake Press anthologies like Ancient Age and Piltdown!

MIKE MAIHACK is another making his debut as an invited guest–he’s the man behind the webcomics Cleopatra In Space and Cow & Buffalo. You may have also espied his work in the Eisner-winning Comic Book Tattoo anthology. He’s a popular sketch-destination at cons, so you sketch-hounds put him on your list and hit him quick before his list fills up at the show!

ED PISKOR is the kind of success story I like to hear about. After first working in comics under Harvey Pekar illustrating American Splendor stories, Ed hit the stratosphere after his fictional hacker-bio comic Wizzywig got mentioned on the influential Boing Boing site. I think Ed has sold upwards of a thousand copies of the first volume all by himself, which is kind of crazy for small press comics. The third volume just came out, and I’m looking forward to picking up Volume 3 at the show. Although I probably could just go ahead and buy it if I wanted to.

And lastly is “Good Ol'” JIM RUGG, who some of you met a couple of Sundays ago as part of the Afro-Tour. Jim is one of the most fascinating people I’ve talked to in comics circles, the way his brain works is pretty interesting. And don’t even get me started on his comics–the just released Afrodisiac is killing on all levels, selling a ton and garnering some incredibly positive critical praise. And with good reason, too! Check out the wraparound cover I stole off of Jim’s Flickr page:


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