HEROESCON :: Bernardin, Henry, Massengill & Yambar Join List!

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New to the HeroesCon 2010 Guest List are some old chums and brand new bros; even though I write these announcements each week I’m still a little flabbergasted at the size/quality of this list already–we’re only halfway through February, you know what I mean?

Joining up today is first time guest Marc Bernardin, writer behind hit series like The Authority, The Highwaymen, Push, and X-Men Origins: Nightcrawler. Marc’s career has taken him all over the place, with stints writing/editing for Starlog, Entertainment Weekly, Fangoria, screenwriting, you name it. And now he adds “Charlotte, NC” to his resume. Just watch the money roll in now, Marc!

Returning for his second HeroesCon this year is Clayton Henry, who has a gorgeous slick style that I could just look at all day, I tell you what. I think his most recentish work is on Adventure Comics, but Lord knows I’ve been wrong before. He’s done a ton of stuff for Marvel too, including Incredible Hercules (above), Exiles, and more.

Nathan Massengill is certainly no stranger to Charlotte–one of our favorite guys and an inker par excellence. These days you can catch nathan on JSA, Deadpool, and Deadpool Team-Up, and he’s done a ton of stuff on Bat-books in the past, like Detective and Nightwing.

Also returning to HeroesCon this year is Chris Yambar, who’s happy to work in pretty much any genre you please. His credits include Bart Simpson Comics, Popeye, Mr. Beat, I Dream Of Jeannie… well it goes on for quite a while. I believe you can get the full list from Chris himself at HeroesCon!


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