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In which Shawn looks at the New Releases and lets you know which ones she is most excited about!

1) Girl Comics #1

I still don’t know how I feel about the name, but there are some awesomely talented people working on this book. Including: Amanda Conner, Laura Martin, Colleen Coover, Robin Furth, Trina Robbins, Stephanie Buscema and MORE!

2) Buffy #33

In this issue the identity of Twilight will finally be revealed! I thought it was Oz until the last story arc. I have it on good authority that it will blow my mind though. This will probably be the first book I read when I get home tonight!

3) Superman TP Braniac

I love it when Geoff Johns and Gary Frank work together, especially on Superman. This was a good, solid Superman story. The art is fantastic and the story is really entertaining.

4) Ultimate Comics New Ultimates #1

The name may be silly but Frank Cho’s art sure is pretty to look at.

5) First Wave #1

Brian Azzarello and Rags Morales bring you a new world where there are no superheroes, just pulp heroes. The Batman/Doc Savage one-shot that they put out several months ago was surprisingly awesome so I am looking forward to checking out First Wave #1. And I am very excited that they are bringing back the Spirit.


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