Twilight Manga GN vol 1 Official Sale Date :: Tuesday, March 16

March 9, 2010 at 3:54 pm By:

Yen Press announced that their manga adaptation of Stephanie Meyer‘s Twilight series will have a national sale date of Tuesday, March 16. So one week from today Twilight Manga GN vol 1 will be sparkling up our shelves! It is a hardcover, $19.99 and clocks in at 224 pages. This adaptation is being done by Young Kim under Meyer’s close supervision. The manga is reportedly more close to the book than the movies, especially in regards to the depiction of the main characters. In other words you won’t see Robert Pattinson’s likeness in the manga. It is Kim’s interpretation of Edward you will see. There is a lot of buzz on the internet about it both good and bad. Personally, I think people on the internet need to lighten up and stop complaining. I am happy that Yen Press is doing a manga adaptation of the Twilight series and I am happy we will have it for sale in our store!  And as we know by now all the cool kids like vampires.


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