REVIEW :: Uncanny X-Men #522

March 31, 2010 at 2:53 pm By:

In the latest issue of Uncanny X-Men (No. 522) writer Matt Fraction finally showed that he has a handle on the direction of Marvel’s favorite mutants.

I’ve used this space and my column/blog at Creative Loafing to, while praising his stellar work on Invincible Iron Man, criticize his output on the main monthly X-Men series. I just thought that his tales seemed to dwell on not-so-new ground and his overarching story line appeared to be going in circles. But the current edition of Uncanny really worked to payoff some of the plot points that he, and others, have laid for the team, and it cleared a path to the future.

I hate to spoil things, but in this issue Fraction finally brings back Kitty Pryde from outer space (Joss Whedon put her in orbit during his Astonishing X-Men run) via Magneto’s magnetic abilities. The drama that ensues as a result of this endeavor seems “realistic” for the Marvel Universe ; most importantly, characters here react in ways that are consistent with their portrayals over the last few decades … and that’s a great gift for longtime readers.

The book, of course, is not perfect. The art, by Whilce Portacio, looked a little sloppy and rushed. From a story perspective, I have some problems with how Magneto was even able to perform this cosmic task. And the ending seemed to be ripped from the pages of the “Mutant Massacre” from wayyyy back in the day. Still, I understand the need for those events in the context of the unfolding story. Ultimately, things are — at last — moving forward, so I’ll give Fraction a break.


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