REVIEW: Superman: Secret Origin #5

April 16, 2010 at 2:12 pm By:

DC’s Superman Family of comics have been in a bit of a mess as of late. I haven’t exactly been loving Action Comics (sans Clark Kent) or any of the New Krypton books (sans awe-inspiring moments ). And, Superman: Secret Origin (an updated retelling of Supes’ earliest days) hasn’t been entertaining either … well, that is, until issue No. 5.

Up until this latest edition, Secret Origin sort of came off like a poor man’s version of Man of Steel (John Byrne’s 1980s-era comic); the first four issues didn’t seem to add anything incredibly cool or necessary to the Superman mythos — and they were downright boring.

This month, however, writer Geoff Johns really hit his stride. He told an entertaining tale — full of action this time around — that actually redefined some classic characters in ways that were fitting and logical. Plus, Johns, joined by superstar artist Gary Frank, threw in a bunch of cool moments, and even ended things with a cliffhanger.

With one issue to go in this limited series, I’m anxious to see how everything ends. If you haven’t jumped in yet, now may be a great time to get on board.


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