TONIGHT/TOMORROW: Adam Hughes Get-Together/Signing

June 25, 2010 at 5:24 pm By:

“Man, I wish there was a way for me to hang out with Adam Hughes this weekend.”

How many times have we all heard or thought these very words? I myself have lost count–but rest easy, Friends and Neighbors. This very weekend, we have not one but TWO excellent opportunities for you to hang out with Adam Hughes, and we cordially invite you to take advantage of both!

First up, tonight at 7pm, we’ll be hosting a casual little party in our store, complete with snacks and drinks and Adam himself, plus a bunch of us and a bunch of you. We’ll have copies of Adam’s brand new art book: Cover Run: The DC Art Of Adam Hughes for you to peruse and ooh and ahh over and even buy (our favorite option). This is a rare opportunity to hang out with Adam (and us, don’t forget us) in a relaxed setting where you don’t have to race pell-mell across the convention floor to get into a long line or anything. Adam seems like a quiet, almost shy dude at first, but once he gets going he’s pretty hilarious. I give him full marks, you guys: definitely worth meeting.

After that, go to bed, kiss your husband or wife or children or dog goodnight, get some good sleep so that you can wake up tomorrow and come back for Adam’s signing, going on from 2-4pm! He’ll be signing his art book, but I bet he’d be okay with signing one or two other things if you felt like bringing them. It’s going to be a sweet book, a sweet night, and a sweet afternoon tomorrow–don’t miss it!


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