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Former employee Dan Morris (pictured along with his lady Christa Newman) will be teaching two Advertising and Graphic Design classes this fall at the CPCC Harper Campus. These classes are open to the general public and there aren’t any prerequisites. Classes are held on Saturdays beginning August 21 and run till December 11. For admissions information check out CPCC’s admissions page.

The first class is listed under the Illustration Concepts category and is titled Drawing Words/Writing Pictures: Creating Comic Books and Graphic Novels. It will be taught using Matt Madden and Jessica Abel‘s book Drawing Words/Writing Pictures. Makes you wonder how they came up with the course title. This is basically a how-to class for comics. It will also cover some basics about comic history including important figures in the medium. During the class students will create several pages worth of comics. This is a class for anyone interested in learning the basics of how to create their own comics.

The second class is part of the Visual Narratives program and it is titled Constructing Visual Narratives: Comics, Graphic Novels and Picture Books. This class is a little more in depth than the previous one. Students will be focusing on how to tell a story through comics. They will learn about different approaches and methods of storytelling and how best to utilize the medium of comics to tell their narrative.  By the end of class students should be able to create their own mini-comics.

For a more detailed course description please take a look at CPCC’s Fall course schedule.


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