Looking Ahead: April 2011

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Dark Horse Presents #1 – The awesome anthology, a defining if overlooked gem of the 90’s, returns with a creative roster from heaven: Howard Chaykin, Frank Miller, Neal Adams, Richard Corben, and a new Concrete story from Paul Chadwick.  This is the best kind of artist showcase and we should all be glad of its return.  Pg. 20

Hellboy: Buster Oakley Gets His WishKevin Nowlan draws a Hellboy one-shot with arguably the best title of any comic this year.  Don’t forget that Nowlan will be attending HeroesCon this year along with the entire creative teams from Hellboy and B.P.R.D. Pg. 30

Action Comics #900 – This is a weird one.  For the last year Action Comics has been a Lex Luthor book, a reverse engineering of those John Byrne team-up Action Comics issues.  So this is the return of Superman to the title that launched him.  Oddly, he now feels like the intruder in what is his book.  Anyway, this thing is huge and centennial issues, when done right, are great celebrations.  A victory lap for us all! Pg. 74

Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse Vol. 1: Race to Death Valley – I don’t even know how much to write about this, because if you come in and ask fellow staffer Matt Knapik he will tell you allll about it.  But I’ll tell you anyway because that’s the point of this here promo piece.   Back in the day when Floyd Gottfredson took on the strip Mickey was a character with a lot of pluck, a take-on-all-comers fighter, diving headfirst into big time adventure.  If you have ever wondered why Mickey Mouse got to be the icon that he is, this is part of the reason. Pg. 285

Congress of the Animals – I was so excited by Mickey Mouse that this almost got past me: A new Frank graphic novel by Jim WoodringWoodring’s surreal stories and woodcut etching art is a thing to be experienced, astonished, and creeped out by.  Pg.  286

The Mighty Thor #1/Journey into Mystery #622 – Here is how it all breaks down:  The current Thor title becomes Journey into Mystery (its former title long ago) and becomes a Loki and the Asgardians centric title.  Thor will now be starring in the new The Mighty Thor (in time for the movie.) by Matt Fraction.  The Thor-curious will have a chance to jump on here.  A note for our reserve customers: those getting the current Thor book will be switched to The Mighty Thor.  So if you want Journey into Mystery make sure to add it to your list.  Marvel Pgs. 7/29

S.H.I.E.L.D.: Architects of Forever HCJonathan Hickman and Dustin Weaver’s crazy mash-up of Historical figures and mystical science conspiracy in the Marvel Universe gets collected here.  A staff favorite, any part of this book can be considered correctly “the best part” and that is pretty neat. Marvel Pg. 84


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