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1) Holy Terror HC

This new book from Frank Miller is also the debut publication from Legendary Comics, the new imprint from Miller’s longtime editor Bob Schreck.  Holy Terror was inspired by the 9/11 tragedies, and was originally meant to be a Batman tale.  As the story unfolded and increased in violent content, it became clear that this would have to be an original story.  This one’s been in the works for a decade, and if you’re a Frank Miller fan, this is one you’ll want to remember this week.

2) Aquaman #1

Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis attempt to do for Aquaman what they did for Green Lantern in this new series.  Johns has long been a supporter of DC’s undersea King, and aims to increase his relevance by not only bringing him back to the Justice League, but by introducing new villains like the Trench in the pages of this book.  This is the only other non-Justice League book that Johns is writing, so if you’re a fan of his work, you’ll want to make sure to read this title.

3) Cover Story HC: DC Comics Art of Brian Bolland

One complaint of the recent Brian Bolland art book was that it focused very little on his acclaimed work for DC Comics.  This volume should make up for that, as it features not only some of his classic work on characters like Batman, the Flash, and Wonder Woman, but also includes examples of his Vertigo work on titles like the Invisibles and Animal Man.  Plus, the book includes unreleased art and Bolland’s own analysis of some of the works.

4) Brilliant #1

Brian Bendis and Mark Bagley have garnered lots of fans for their work on Ultimate Spider-manBrilliant is their first creator owned effort, and focuses on a group of genius friends who try to understand and unlock the concepts of superhuman abilities.  Bendis is known for his work on atypical superhero stories, like Powers or Alias, but I’m curious to see how Bagley uses his largely superhero style on a more human book.

5) All-Star Western #1

With Jonah Hex, Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray proved that DC Western characters could produce solid stories and maintain an audience.  On this new title, Palmiotti and Gray are joined by artist Moritat, who provided some great work on the most recent Spirit series.  While Jonah Hex will remain the new series’ star, other older Western characters like El Diablo will be appearing.

> Bonus Picks of the Week: Ultimate Comics Spider-man #2, The Flash #1, Ultimate Comics Ultimates #2, Justice League Dark #1, James Jean Rebus HC, Abe Sapien: The Devil Does Not Jest #1, Superman #1, Love and Rockets New Stories vol. 4, Habibi GN, Batman: The Dark Knight #1, and Marvel’s newest Oz title Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz #1.



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