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1) Avenging Spider-man #1

Zeb Wells and Joe Madureira are kicking off their new Avengers-centric Spidey title this week.  Marking Madureira’s first major super hero comic work since Ultimates 3, there are plenty of his fans who will want to see him on a big book like this one.  The early promo art looks impressive, and while there might be reasons to dislike art that goes from pencils to digital inking and coloring with no involvement from an actual inker, this book looks much tighter than the Ultimates issues did, so pick it up and give it a try!

2) Green Lantern #3

This week’s issue from Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke features Hal Jordan and Sinestro teaming up to battle the Sinestro Corps.  While the Johns/Mahnke team is enough to get and keep people reading this title, there is a twist at the end of this issue that might be worth checking out for new readers too.  Also available this week are replacement copies of last week’s Red Lanterns, which were unfortunately damaged in transit.

3) Loose Ends #3

The acclaimed Southern Crime Romance from local creators Jason Latour, Chris Brunner, and Rico Renzi continues this week, with a third issue that should surprise you.  Comics fans, creators, and more are taking note of the series strengths, and it is a book that has more than lived up to its hype.  Latour is proving himself a solid writer in addition to his skills as an artist on other books, and Brunner and Renzi seem to have outdone themselves on this issue.  Check out the promo art to get a glimpse at some of Charlotte’s talented comics creators.

4) Fear Itself #7.2

Last week’s Fear Itself #7.1 set up some major story threads that will  affect Captain America and the Marvel Universe in the coming year.  This issue by Matt Fraction and Adam Kubert focuses on Thor, and what happened to him in the fallout of Fear Itself.  Is he dead? Alive? Going through Ragnarok again?  Perhaps you’ll find out in this issue.

5)Marvel Point One #1

This 64 page one shot from Marvel sets up lots of new titles and storylines.  Aside from the return of fan favorite characters (like maybe a Human Rocket), this one also sets up some big surprises, and even has a rumored cliffhanger that will supposedly get people talking.  With a roster of creators including Jeph Loeb, Brian Bendis, Matt Fraction, Ed McGuinness, Bryan Hitch, and Salvador Larocca, Marvel is definitely putting some of their top talent on this book, and there’s probably a good reason for that.

> Bonus Picks of the Week: Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #3, Magneto: Not a Hero #1, Batwoman #3, Ultimate Spider-man #4, and the Simon and Kirby Library HC: Crime.


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