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Happy Thanksgiving week to all our customers, readers, friends, and supporters!  We’re all thankful to be a part of Heroes, and happy to be part of a great comics community.  Here are some of this week’s new books that might help you fight off a potential turkey induced coma.

1) Fantastic Four #600

This is a huge anniversary issue for the FF, and looks to have plenty for fans of all things Fantastic Four.  Rumors are abounding that this one will feature the return of Johnny Storm, but more definite is the fact that Galactus, Annihilus, the Inhumans, and the entire Future Foundation will be on hand for this one hundred page mammoth issue.  Among the creators lending their talents to this milstone are an eclectic lineup of creators including Jonathan Hickman, Steve Epting, Leinil Yu, Carmine Digiandomenico, Farel Dalrymple, and Ming Doyle.

2) Aquaman #3

In their quest to make Aquaman one of the pillars of DC’s superhero elite, Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis have done a lot to not only give the character a fresh start, but have also surprised many readers with their version of the water-based hero.  This issue delves into the origins of the mysterious, violent characters the Trench, and addresses why these monsters have started attacking humans.

3) Milk and Cheese: Dairy Products Gone Bad HC

There are lots of reasons to consider this book. 1) It collects every Milk and Cheese comic from 1989 – 2010 along with extras and supplemental material.  That’s almost 250 pages for only $19.99! 2) In a single volume you can see exactly why so many people have been influenced by creator Evan Dorkin. 3) It’s full of subversive humor and a cornerstone of the underground comics movement.  4) It’s got this endorsement from comics genius David Mazzucchelli (of Asterios Polyp and Batman: Year One): “Evan’s calcium-rich creations are guaranteed to spread lactose intolerance everywhere.”  Do you really need any other reasons to pick this one up?

4) Wolverine and the X-men #2

With issue #1 all kinds of comics readers found an X-men book that had much of the joy they remembered about X-titles from decades past, as well a book that seemed less mired in many of the continuity problems of recent years.  A fresh start, a focused plan, and a fun, energetic comic that could only be brought to us by creators Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo, both of whom really seem to be in top form on this title.

5) Parker Martini Edition HC

Want to have an awe-inspiring book on hand at Thanksgiving to turn some of your family members on to comics?  Darwyn Cooke’s Parker books are ones I’ve frequently lent out or shown to family or friends to show them that comics can be as entertaining for adults as they are for kids.  This deluxe edition from IDW collects Cooke’s first two Parker books The Hunter and The Outfit, and also boasts nearly 70 pages of additional material including lots of artwork and a brand new 8 page story only available here.  While all this is worth the price, the biggest selling point for me is that you get 334 pages of Darwyn Cooke story and art in a 9 x 13 format!

> Bonus Picks of the Week: Mighty Thor #8, Justice League Dark #3, Kick Ass 2 #5, Shade #2, Rocketeer Jetpack Treasury Edition, Dark Horse Presents #6, and Pogo: Complete Syndicated Strips HC vol. 1.




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