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1) Lobster Johnson: The Burning Hand #1

It’s hard to believe there hasn’t been a full length solo Lobster Johnson story in four years!  Mike Mignola brings back the popular pulp hero from the Hellboy-verse this week for a story featuring phantom Indians and mobsters.  B.P.R.D. writer John Arcudi and Who is Jake Ellis? artist Tonci Zonjic are also on board for this series, which also features great covers from Dave Johnson, who has been killing it on the recent B.P.R.D. covers.

2) Batman: Through the Looking Glass HC

This all new original graphic novel focuses on the Dark Knight’s first encounters with the Alice in Wonderland-themed villain Mad Hatter.  More significantly, the story was written by veteran horror writer Bruce Jones and illustrated by the Sam Kieth, whose instantly recognizable, angular art should fit the story nicely.  Plus, at over 100 pages, this book provides the perfect chance for those of you looking for a stand alone Batman story to indulge in and enjoy.

3) Batgirl #5

It’s easy to see why Batgirl has been one of the most consistent of DC’s 52 relaunches.  Old and new fans have responded to the return of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, and writer Gail Simone has long established her proficiency at telling stories featuring the character.  Artist Ardian Syaf has also provided a sense of stability to the story of Gordon trying to reestablish her masked persona.  This issue also features an appearance from Batman, who hasn’t yet faced Barbara since her return to costumed crimefighting.  And if you needed yet another reason to give this book a try, don’t forget the always amazing covers of Adam Hughes.

4) Shade #4

Fans of James Robinson’s Shade have rightly been trying to increase awareness of this series featuring the classic Starman villain/ally.  If you’ve yet to pick up the first three issues which featured excellent art from Cully Hamner, it’s not to late to jump on board this book.  If you’re looking for a solid story with equally quality art, make sure to pick up those issues along with this week’s issue which is illustrated by the great Darwyn Cooke.  That’s right, Darwyn Cooke is illustrating this issue telling of Shade’s early career as a villain in the 1940’s.  Don’t miss it!

> Bonus Picks of the Week: Captain America #7, Green Lantern #5, Incredible Hulk #4, Steve Ditko Omnibus vol. 2 HC, Scarlet Spider #1, and Wolverine and the X-men #4.


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