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It’s a big week at Heroes!  Don’t forget that this Sunday, from 11-5 in the Palmer Building, we’ll be celebrating the 35th Anniversary of the Charlotte MiniCon.  Make sure to stop by and celebrate with us, and don’t forget to visit the store to pick up some of this week’s new comics.  Click HERE for more info about the MiniCon.  Here are some of this week’s new releases to consider.

1) Batman #5

Part of the reason so many readers have responded so well to Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman is their use of interesting new villains like The Court of Owls.  The idea that an old sect has existed in Gotham City for so long, and only recently come into the sight of Batman creates a variety of physical and psychological problems for Bruce Wayne.  Snyder is also tying in threads he first planted in his recent Batman: Gates of Gotham series.  This really has established itself as one of the relaunched DC titles with a very clear plan and direction.

2) Danger Girl: Revolver #1

There are plenty of fans of J. Scott Campbell and this particular spy book among our readers, so it warrants a place on this week’s spotlight.  If you’re a fan of either, you’ll want to know that this new 4 issue series not only returns Campbell and writer Andy Hartnell back to the book, but also features the introduction of  new characters to the Danger Girl family.  Aiding Campbell and Hartnell is series artist Chris Madden, who some of you may know from IDW’s recent Jack Avarice is the Courier series.

3) Daredevil #8

This title ended up on many ‘Best of 2011’ lists, and for good reason.  The significance of this issue is that it’s the second part of a 2 part crossover with Amazing Spider-man (#677).  Mark Waid and guest artist Kano tell the final part of a story centered around a potential love triangle between Spidey, Daredevil and Black Cat.  And though he’s absent from the interior artwork, regular series artist Paolo Rivera provides the excellent cover for this issue.

4) Prophet #21

First things first, yes, this is a new variation on Rob Liefeld’s ’90’s property.  That’s not really the unexpected part though.  Liefeld’s off working on numerous titles for DC’s relaunch at the moment, so Image has decided to take some of his characters (like Prophet and Glory), and have them reexamined by creators you might not have thought would work on them.  Prophet, for example, features the work of writer Brandon Graham, creator/writer/artist of the popular King City, and Simon Roy, whose art is quite different from Liefeld.  The result is a surprising book that puts its own unique twist on the ‘stranger in a strange land’ archetype, complete with crazy monsters and post apocalyptic dangers.

5) Uncanny X-force #20

In an issue that deals with further fallout from the recent Dark Angel Saga, this issue sends X-force to Otherworld to deal with the Captain Britain Corps.  Between this storyline and Captain Britain’s upcoming appearances in Secret Avengers, Marvel seems to be bringing the character back to the forefront.  If nothing else, you can be sure that Rick Remender’s take on the character in both of these books will be unique and worth a read.

>Bonus Picks of the Week: Wonder Woman #5, Bill Griffith: Lost and Found 1970-1994 TP, Lord of the Jungle #1, Nightwing #5, Fraggle Rock Classics vol. 1 TP, Uncanny X-men #5, Twelve vol. 1 TP, and Superior #7.


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