Did someone say, “Free Tickets to Avengers?!”

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Avengers Fans Assemble!

Have you been counting the days, nay, the minutes, to the release of the new Avengers movie? Do you stay awake at night thinking about the sheer awesomeness that is sure to be one of the best, if not THE BEST super hero movies of all time? If so, True Believers, then boy do we have a treat for you!

Avengers Movie Pass Contest Swag

Hold on to your Power Suits, because at this very moment, Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find is in the possession of not one but TWO pairs of passes to the Avengers movie debut next Thursday night! That’s right THURSDAY NIGHT, and not at just any theater either! These tickets are courtesy of our good friends at Regal Cinemas Stonecrest, and are for the MIDNIGHT showing of the Avengers in their beautiful IMAX theater! Stonecrest has also sweetened the deal (as if they needed to, right!?) by including with these passes a 13½” x 20” Avengers movie poster, an Avenger’s hat, a set of Avenger’s collectible buttons and a Regal Cinemas ink pen! So that’s a possible ticket for you, and one for your favorite sidekick, as well as the hat, poster, buttons and ink pen!

So the question is, “What can I do to win these fabulous prizes?!” Well gee, I’m glad you asked!

Do you think your Avengers fandom makes you the most worthy to wield these prizes? Does your love of the Avengers hulk above all others? Are you a super soldier for the cause? Well then use your superior talents and technology to prove it! Here’s what we’re aiming for: send us pictures or write us a brief description showing us why YOUR Avengers fandom is the most incredible! Send us pictures of your Avengers collection, costumes, or anything you think will prove that your love of the Avengers is superior to all others!

You can also write us about your Avengers fandom and why you deserve to be known as the Avengers #1 fan. You could even tell us how Hawkeye changed your life (sorry Seth, Heroes employees are not eligible to win), but just remember, a PICTURE is worth a thousand words!

So don’t waste any time! Send your photos or stories to Karla@HeroesOnline.com, and be sure to include your contact information so that we can notify you when you win! We will be accepting entries from now until 9pm on Tuesday, May 1st and the winner will be announced on Wednesday morning, May 2nd! The Heroes staff will judge the entries to determine who’s photos and/or stories are the best of the best! In the event of a tie, we will draw at random from the qualifying names to decide the winners.

Also, please keep in mind that in order to win you must be able to attend the MIDNIGHT showing at Regal Cinemas Stonecrest on Thursday night, May 3rd.

Regal Cinemas Stonecrest is located at 7824 Rea Road, Charlotte, NC 28277. Please take this into consideration BEFORE entering this contest.



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