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Wow! HeroesCon 2012 is officially in the books. Aside from a few things in our warehouse that need to be shipped back to creators that attended the show, there are few signs left of the amazing weekend we just shared with everyone who attended our 30th Anniversary show. We’d like to say thank you to all of the guests of the show, all the talented folks promoting new projects in Artists Alley, every fan that attended, the well-stocked exhibitors, all the selfless volunteers, and our amazing staff for making last weekend’s show what it was. If you were here you know it was really something special. If you weren’t here we’ll see you in 2013, June 7-9, start planning! We were truly overwhelmed by the outpouring of love we witnessed at HeroesCon this year. The love for comics and art and for the people that make them was astounding. We’ll see you all next year, same deal as always, no movie companies, no video game companies, just comic books and the people that create and love them.

Phoenix by Mark Brooks


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