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It’s rare for us to go to conventions and not walk away with cool new items to bring back to the store.  HeroesCon was no exception, and here are a few of the awesome books we picked up in case you missed these in your own travels.

1) Pterodactyl Hunters

This oversized offering from Brendan Leach and Top Shelf is really something to see.  Beautiful art on newsprint and a story featuring – you guessed it – big flying dinosaurs.  This one’s rightly getting some high praise.  Give it a look for yourself and you’ll see why.

2) Scott C. Books!

Awesome cartoonist/super friendly guy Scott C. had some great books at his booth this year. We were fortunate to pick up copies of his picture books Zombie in Love and East Dragon, West Dragon, along with Double Fine Action Comics vol. 1 and Amazing Everything, his wonderful art book.

3) Encore by Eric Canete

You may have seen this on Kickstarter, you may have heard fans raving about it, and now we’re happy to make this book available to our customers.  At a staggering 350 pages, this may well be the art book to end all art books.  Not only do you get a huge amount of art from the insanely talented Eric Canete, but you get chapter intros from the likes of Becky Cloonan, Rick Remender, Mark Chiarello and Dave Johnson.

4) Becky Cloonan minis!

If you loved her recent work on Conan the Barbarian or remember her Demo collaboration with Brian Wood, you owe it to yourself to check out Becky’s excellent minis Wolves and The Mire.  She’s a unique artist, and these books only solidify that fact.

5) Notebook Drawings by Jim Rugg

Jim Rugg’s a fantastic cartoonist.  Just pick up Afrodisiac again if you need a reminder.  This new book features Jim’s art as he prdouced them in wide ruled notebooks.  In addition to that novel approach, Jim produced these pieces using only ballpoint ink pens.  Just wait ’til you see what kind of incredible pieces he was able to conjure with such simple, everyday instruments.

Other books galore:  We also picked up a bunch of books from talented folks like Jeffrey Brown, Lilli Carre, Maris Wicks, Joe Quinones, Grant Reynolds and more.  They’ll all be available in the store starting this week, so give them a try and support some fine Indie books and creators.


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