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New comics are here! We hope you’ve been enjoying our staff picks! Please let us know what books you’re excited about on our Facebook page!

HEATHER’S PICK :: THE MUPPETS #2: Summer’s heat is upon us and just in time for the Summer issue of the Four Seasons mini-series. The Muppets are throwing a beach party to take our minds of the soaring temperatures.  Fozzie has plans of his own as a better offer has him choosing a new troupe over his current comedy partner, Scooter.  Roger Langridge’s storytelling is a sure cure for these dog days of summer.

JUSTIN’S PICK :: BLACK KISS II #1 – Along with his seminal American Flagg!, Black Kiss cemented Howard Chaykin’s reputation in the comics industry. This six-issue black and white miniseries fleshes out (no pun intended) the backstory of the original. Not for children, or the faint of heart, to be sure.

ANDY’S PICK :: MICHAEL KALUTA SKETCHBOOK SERIES SC VOL 02: Most quality sketchbooks cost big bucks, but here you get 48 Over-sized sketchbook pages by Mike Kaluta–one of the greatest comics draftsmen of the past 30 years– for less than Ten bucks!! Just pick it up and look through it.  Guaranteed: you will end up buying Kaluta Sketchbook Volume 1 as well.

SETH’S PICK :: HAWKEYE #1 : I catch a lot of grief from fellow staffers for my unabashed love for Hawkeye. Regardless of what you think of the character, it’s worth pointing out that this series marks the return of the Matt Fraction/David Aja creative team. Their Immortal Iron First series still stands up after a few years, and they should offer up a worthwhile take on the Avenging Archer.

KARLA’S PICK :: THE BOYS #69: Okay, I’m going to let you in on one of my dirty secrets, I LOVE The BOYS by Garth Ennis. Albeit, maybe it’s not for everyone, but you cannot deny that Mr. Ennis knows how to tell a good story, and he’s not afraid to give you a story line that leaves you saying, “What?! They can’t do that! They’ve gone too far!!” Garth let’s you know, oh yes…they can, they did and they’re gonna keep going until no one’s left.

Next week’s release is issue #69, which is certain to be a big game changer for most of the characters. If you read issue #68, you know that no one and nothing is sacred. Issue #69 is sure to be nail-biter for fans of the series and, with only three issues remaining, I would expect nothing less.

RICO’S PICK :: BEAST OF BURDEN: NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH ONE SHOT: Heroic Dogs (and a cat) protecting their turf from spooky unknown forces! Evan Dorkin gives these characters an uncommon richness with his writing and it’s all beautifully illustrated in watercolor by Jill Thompson. If you haven’t tried Beasts of Burden yet you should give this affordable collection a look. (This book collects 3 stories from the anthology, Dark Horse Presents)

>BONUS PICKS :: The First X-Men #1, Mind MGMT #3, RASL #15, Thief of Thieves #7, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #1








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