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ANDY’S PICK :: MAD’S GREATEST ARTISTS: MORT DRUCKER HC: As a young fan of all-things comics and movies, one of my favorite memories of preadolescence was catching my mom in a weak moment whilst grocery shopping (incessant whining, no haggard parent is immune to this form of Kryptonite) and getting her to fork out 35 hard earned cents (Cheap!) for the new issue of MAD Magazine. There was lots to love in every issue, Sergio’s Drawn out Dramas in the magazine’s margins, Dave Berg’s Lighter side of ….., Don Martin one page gags and of course the back cover Fold-In from Al Jaffee, but most often my favorite pieces were the Movie Parodies drawn by Mort Drucker. Somehow he could draw any movie or TV star realistically and still figure out a way to make it a slight and effective caricature. Never too much– it was always on the money. What a genius. And now we have a Best of Collection–MAD’S GREATEST ARTISTS MORT DRUCKER– 272 pages for only $30.00 (Cheap). If only my mom were here, she’d have the money waiting for me before I could get home for a quick visit, a little laundry and an incessant whine. Thanks Mom!


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