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Here is a great HeroesCon 2013 Guest List update to close out 2012 and a reminder that today is the last day to get your HeroesCon 3-day passes for $30.

Bob Almond has inked Stan Lee’s Guardian Project, Black Panther, Heroes For Hire, Warlock and too many other great comics to list here. He is also the founder and coordinator of the Inkwell Awards which recognizes excellence and acheivement in comic book inking.

We’re happy to welcome Peter Bagge back to HeroesCon this year! You love the iconic style that brought Hate’s Buddy Bradley to life and we’re sure you picked up Reset, his 4-issue mini series from Dark Horse Comics in 2012.

Eric Canete is Heroes family at this point and we’re happy to have him back in 2013. Between animation projects such as Tron: Uprising he somehow still finds time for comics like last year’s Rocketeer Adventures. He even did the gorgeous art for our inaugural HeroesCon Fun Run in 2012 (thanks again Eric!)

Artist Steve Epting is  best known for his work on Captain America and the introduction of the Winter Soldier, but he also had great runs on titles like AvengersX-factor, Marvels Project and recently, Fantastic Four and FF. He’s about make his mark on Marvel Now! with Jonathan Hickman on New Avengers!

Gene Gonzales and Joe Pekar have carved out their own crowd-pleasing cheesecake art niche in Artists Alley. Swing by their tables and sign up for a commissioned sketch that is guaranteed to knock your socks off!

James Harren is a rising star in comics. With killer work on B.P.R.D. and Conan published last year, we’re looking forward to seeing what he does this year! Rumor has it he will be picking up the reigns from Eric Canete and creating the art for this year’s Fun Run shirt!

Paul Maybury is best known for his original graphic novels Aqua Leung and DOGS of Mars. He is currently working on a book with Chris Roberson called Reign which we are eagerly expecting in 2013!

Cassandra Poulson is a storyboard artist for tons of your favorite cartoons including Ultimate Spider-Man. She recently dipped her foot in comic book waters coloring Eric Canete’s Rocketeer Adventures short story.

Eric Powell is the creator of the fan-favorite character The Goon. He’s been thrilling fans with The Goon on the comic page and recently, Eric has been working in collaboration with acclaimed director David Fincher, Blur Animation, and Dark Horse Entertainment to bring The Goon to life on the big screen as an animated feature film.

Philip Tan started his penciling career on the Everquest One-Shot and Taleweaver titles for Wildstorm.  He then worked with Image Comics on Stan Winston’s Mutant Earth.  Next, Philip was off to Marvel Comics to perform his magic on Uncanny X-Men and Iron Man.  Later he returned to Image Comics where he supplied the art for Trakk, Spawn, and Spawn: Godslayer. Philip now hangs his hat at DC and has worked on Final Crisis Revelation and Green Lantern, Batman and Robin, the Outsiders, Titans, Savage Hawkman and has done finished art over Brent Anderson on Phantom Stranger.


HeroesCon 2013 will be our biggest and best show yet. Check out the rest of our announced guests here.

3-Day Passes are on sale now. If you order before the end of 2012 you will save almost 50% off the regular price for daily admission at the door. So order today to make sure you get that sweet discount! Eventbrite - HEROES CONVENTION 2013 :: 3 DAY REGISTRATION


We’ve also made Artists Alley tables available, these are first-come-first-served and they usually go fast! Reserve your space today! Eventbrite - HEROESCON 2013 :: ARTISTS ALLEY TABLE


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