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ANDY’S PICK :: COMICS JOURNAL #302: First of all–Boy do I miss the old Comics Journal published 8 times a year. But times change, comics change, so comic journalism and criticism must change as well. Now TCJ functions predominantly on-line accompanied by a mammoth annual print volume. Last years TCJ book edition–#301 was a monumental tome that included a an unprecedented discussion of R. Crumb’s Genesis. This year’s model #302 promises– A career spanning interview with Maurice Sendak conducted by Fantagraphics co-publisher Gary Groth (one of the best interviewers around!), an interview with French comics legend Jacques Tardi, an article about classic children’s comics by Art Spiegelman, a previously unpublished interview with Roy Crane along with an article from comics historian Bob Levin that details R. Crumb’s litigation issues caused by the surprising success of Keep on Truckin’. You want more you greedy people?
OK – how about some comics by Lewis Trondheim previously unpublished in English and a creator round-table discussion about the blurry lines between comics and fine art? And still more…much, much more! It’s 624 pages and it’s only 30.00!! You’ll be reading it for months!


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